The Friday Smackdown


     Every Friday afternoon, my kids take a little science class at our park district.  And every Friday afternoon, it has somehow become a tradition to chase and tackle their friends in the hallway after class. They call it “tag”, but it seriously looks like WWF with six year olds, only they’re laughing and smiling throughout the whole ordeal.

     When it first started, I used to try to play peacemaker and restore order between the rebels.  However, I soon learned that my voice was not even slightly detected amongst the madness before me.   I was simply background mumbo jumbo, and therefore, nonexistent.

     Now when the smackdown begins, the other nannies, moms, and I just sit back and monitor from afar.  We interject a word of caution here and there, but we basically just wait in anticipation for the inevitable moment when someone comes crying to us.  We follow this up with an “I TOLD YOU SO!” response, which again falls on deaf ears, for they quickly shake it off and get right back in the game.

     I’m hoping that all this aggressive behavior will wear off a bit when the temperature FINALLY becomes more consistently warmer.  They are like caged animals ready to pounce because they don’t know what to do with all this built-up physical energy.  I’m trying to be patient, but if I can’t set these children free soon, we’re gonna be banned from the park district, too.  Just tack it onto our rap sheet…KINDERGARTEN’S MOST WANTED:  The Nucking Futs Twins….