Put A Cork In It


     It is certainly not uncommon for kids to collect things — Matchbox cars, Webkinz, Pokemon cards, etc.  My son, however, collects wine corks!  I can’t really even remember when the fascination all started, but he absolutely loves them.  He keeps them in a special keepsake box that I got as a gift when I was pregnant.  You’re really supposed to put pictures and baby memorabilia in it, but, instead, it is stuffed full of corks!  

     I’m sure that he easily has over 200 different corks in his collection by now.  And just to be clear, they are not all from me!  I do love my wine, but my son has both my parents and my mother-in-law saving corks for him, as well.  He even tries to nab them from other people’s houses, too.  Over this past weekend at holiday BBQ’s, I caught him retrieving a few out of our friends’ trash cans!   

     I am constantly finding these corks scattered throughout our house, too. My son often forgets to put them in his special box and sets them on the kitchen table or on the coffee table.  They end up rolling onto the floor, only to later be discovered by the vacuum under the sofa.  Sometimes they even end up in my shoes — my daughter thinks it’s hilarious when I try to slip my shoe on, only to be blocked by a cork in the toe.

     I keep asking my son what it is that he ultimately intends to do with all of his corks.  I’ve suggested making a picture frame or a shadow box with them, but he somehow has it in his head that he’s going to build a floor to ceiling sculpture with them.  Who knows — maybe someday it’ll be proudly displayed at the MOMA, and we’ll all be popping a Dom Perignon cork to celebrate….