Negativity Positively Sucks


     When I was at the beach yesterday avoiding the zillions of things I should have been doing, I started thinking about how judgmental and petty the world seems to be.  I was laying there watching these college-aged girls giving every person who walked by the old once-over.  They would whisper and giggle and roll their eyes, clearly criticizing something about the person’s physical appearance.  It was truly nauseating to me.  

     Why is it that people, especially women, do this to each other? Haven’t we got enough things to worry about without having someone critique us from head to toe?  I realize that many people knock others down to pick themselves up.  To me, though, it is so much more interesting and challenging to try to find the good things in a person. Anybody can find the negative, but it takes some real brain power to find the positive.  

     I really want to instill this idea into my kids’ little minds as early as possible.  They are so innocent and oblivious to people’s differences right now.  They do not see color or weight or namebrands.  To them, people are just people.  Why can’t we all think like that?  Why do we have to become so jaded and opinionated as we get older?  I guess that’s why they say that childhood is such a precious time.  

     What particular value do you hope to instill in your kids?  How do you intend to teach it to them?