My World is Nucking Futs!

images-2So, here it is….my attempt at writing a blog.  In reality, I’ll probably only have time to type a few lines before my five-year–old twins come bounding in here for me to referee yet another Wii-fueled argument.   To say that I am a stay-at-home mom who craves the brain stimulation of adult conversation would be an understatement.  However, I am often embarrassed to say that I used to be an English teacher because I am so mentally exhausted most of that time that I can’t even form normal sentences!  I am convinced that my children have sucked the brain cells right out of my head.  We have been so focused on ABC’s and 1-2-3’s the past five years in our house that I sometimes forget that not everyone’s world revolves around a certain sponge-worthy resident of Bikini Bottom.  It’s really not quite the same thing to discuss the state of the economy with kindergartners, whose only ability to relate comes from how many coins they can fit in their piggy banks.  Don’t get me wrong; we have some very meaningful discussions around here, such as “where does my poop go when I flush the toilet?”   It would be so helpful for my mental functionality, however, to occasionally talk to someone over the age of five throughout the day – and the lady at the Starbucks drive-thru does not count!  And now, as predicted, it’s time for me to put on my black and white uniform and send my little fighters to their prospective corners of the ring. Until next time…..


19 Responses

  1. I read and love it

  2. hilarious! u are a natural writer!

  3. So heeeeeere you are. Nice to see you can express yourself in more than 140 (though even in that constrained genre, you do stand out). Thanks for connecting and keeping my brain stimulated (even while your fearsome twosome sucks your brains out). Seize ya later, skater.

  4. Mom become what you describe due to the attention span of their children! Yes, I’ve been there done that…a stay at home mom trying to keep my career alive. The good news is it gets better…the bad news is it’ll get worse.

  5. See…typo first sentence! MOMS become what you you describe….is what I meant.

  6. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog via Twitter (not really sure how I got here, but it was some combo of tweets), and have to tell you I love it!

    I am a brand new blogger and I started for much the same reason you did. We no longer speak in complete sentences around here and I was worried about my brain going completely mushy. I was an English major, and became – among other things – a corporate communications writer, a small business owner, and a community relations manager.

    Now I am a stay-at-home-mom. I don’t regret my decision at all, but I kind of miss having coherent, meaningful conversations.

    I’m looking forward to following your blog and tweets. Thanks for a great laugh today (particularly your post about children’s books – I HATE the David books, too!).

    Austin, TX

    • Thanks for stumbling by my blog! I’m so glad you did & hope to get to know you better here & on Twitter. I’ll be sure to stop by your blog too! 🙂

  7. So glad I ran across your blog. I’m a work-at-home mom of 4-year-old triplets (BGB). So nice to run into other multiple moms. Love your writing style and appreciate your sense of humor.

    • Thanks for taking the time to check me out! Wow — 4 year old triplets, huh?! I’m sure we could share many a battle story! I hope you come back again to read more of my nucking futty ramblings! 🙂

  8. Just found your site and am wondering where you’ve been all my life? No, that’s not a come-on…I just finally feel like I’ve found a soul sister. I’ll keep reading…you just keep keeping it honest.

    • Well, I’m so honored that you found me! I hope to keep you coming back for more of my craziness! Trust me, there’s never a dull moment in the Nucking Futs household! 😉

  9. You run a really fun blog, me and my colleagues had a blast reading it!

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    Please write to me if you’re interested, we have a special deal for you 2.0 moms :)) or you can always try a month of free testing!

  10. I am a current English teacher and I don’t know which is worse, teaching teenagers or raising kids…it’s a wash.

    So, a toast to adult interaction!

  11. loved this …great writing! I’m a mom of a 13 yr old hard headed soft hearted football jock..I’m 48 and think the hormones of a near menopausal mom and those of a pubescent dude in the same home could spell disaster!!
    we fume and sputter and get over it fast!!!
    will follow your blog…I’m a psych RN between jobs but possibly about to get back into psych home care.

    thanks for making me laugh! yeah to sponge bob. …my son will not admit he ever liked the teletubbies but i have proof!

    • Thanks so much for checking me out & for the compliments on my writing! So you have a 13 yr old son, eh? I used to teach junior high (pre kids) so I know how challenging that age can be. I suppose you might say we’re all a little nucking futs at some point during this whole parenting gig, wouldn’t you agree?! Hope you come back again for more of my weekly ramblings! 🙂

  12. I love your blog! You are a natural writer, and your kids are way too funny. Thanks for including us in your life 🙂

    • Wow! Thanks so much for the awesome compliment about my blog! I hope you come back to read more of my nucking futty tales — there’s always something brewin’ around here…. 😉

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