The Padded Bikini Top

What is it with kids’ clothing designers trying to make our little girls look like they should be turning tricks down on the corner?  The booty shorts, the microscopic skirts, the cut-down-to-there halter tops — they all scream “MINI HOOCHIE MAMA!!!!” Now call me crazy, but I prefer my little girl to actually LOOK like a little girl.  This is why I about flipped my lid over what I saw hanging at Gapkids yesterday afternoon in the swimsuit section.

The cashier must have recognized an impulse buyer when she spotted me cause she went right into her whole spiel about their big $15 swimsuit deal.  I couldn’t resist at least checking them out, so I moseyed on over to the girls’ section.  I rolled my eyes in disgust as I perused skanky little cutout suits and itty bitty bikinis, but when I came across a PADDED triangle bikini top, I literally gasped out loud.  Why in the hell would anyone in their right flippin’ mind think it’s appropriate for a seven year old child to pump up her knockers??!!  For God’s sakes, she doesn’t even HAVE knockers!

For the life of me, I can’t understand why anyone would want to make a child look older than she already is.  There are way too many perverts out there as it is without us wrapping our kids up with a big bow and presenting them like a gift.  Am I on a soapbox here?  Yes, I most certainly am, cause I am so sick of our culture trying to slutty up our girls.  I so badly wanted to grab all those ridiculous padded swimsuit tops and burn ’em like they used to in the 60’s.  But I didn’t feel like getting arrested, what with having to pick up my kids from school & all, so I simply huffed out of the store and immediately bitched to all my Twitter friends.

** So, what do YOU think about these padded bikini tops for little girls? **


36 Responses

  1. It is awful. When I bought my daughter her first bra I had the HARDEST time trying to find one that wasn’t padded and covered in lace with matching panties. 😦 She was TEN and a ten year old doesn’t need padded bras and lacey knickers! It is disgusting!

    • Ick! Totally disgusting! Lace? Come on — she’s supposed to be the only one that sees it! What is wrong w/these clothing designers?!

  2. What do I think? Appalling! No way in hell would I buy those for my daughter!

    I was at the store and I passed the newest Barbie sitting right next to the retro ones from the 60s. Talk about a huge (sluttier) difference.

    • So sad to think how much we’ve slutted up our images of girls & how they’re “supposed” to look. What the hell happened along the way? Sick.

  3. Ohhhhhhhh. Emmmmmm. Geeeeeeeee.

    Please, for the love of all that’s holy… tell me you are joking?!

    *crossing fingers*

  4. That is horrible. And really, the sad part is Gap will soon sell out of the hoochie mama swimsuits, because some parents are ridiculous.

  5. Absolutely fu©king ridiculous! That is what I think. There is no excuse for this. Really. Just no excuse!

  6. I can only think of two things:
    1. Maybe it’s to hide her nipping if the water’s cold
    2. I’m glad I don’t have a girl

    • I am terrified to think about what scary things they’re trying to pass off as clothing by the time my 7 yr old daughter is a teenager.

  7. I think it’s horrendous. And sad.

  8. I know!! Isn’t that just\ WRONG!! It keeps going too – their bras are padded as well. I have been having a devil of a time finding them without padding!! Like I can take that!?!?!?!

    My daughter (10) is out of kid’s sizes but not quite a teenager – you should try to find a woman’s full piece swimsuit without the padded cup!! Ok, one that’s not $70!!


    • Ugh. What a freaking nightmare! Why does a 10 yr old need padding?! Makes me sick to think that some money-grubbing clothing designer thinks that this is appropriate. Ick.

  9. You are no where near crazy. I think about this all the time I see little girls parading around in what their parents think is cute. It’s disgusting that shameful the clothes that people make for children! And people wonder why girls have no respect for their bodies these days.

    Move over and give me some room on that soapbox.

    Love your blog!

    • There’s plenty of room up here on the old soapbox! You hit the nail on the head about girls not having respect for their bodies. Makes me sad to see what’s going on when my daughter is a teenager.

  10. Disturbing. Scary. Gross. Those are my thoughts…

  11. so freaking gross! what’s next? thongs?

  12. I have never come across one but I can say that I would never purchase one for my daughters. Let me add that I would also not allow them to wear a padded bikini if it were given to them as a gift. There is enough out there already that is rushing our little ones into their sexuality we don’t need another. I wonder if a pervert designed this?

  13. That’s very disturbing. So glad I have a boy. Our society really doesn’t make it easy for girls, does it?

  14. I think it’s terrible. Little girls should look like little girls! No boobs.

  15. Certainly the pendulum will swing back to the days when we recognized children for who they are: CHILDREN. But it will be up to us to demand better role models than Lindsey Lohan (see for Lindsey’s court room attire) Brittney, Paris and the endless line of skanky starlets who grace the covers of our magazines and are featured on TV. As an artist, I hate to use the word censor but that happens without fail in our household because I hope to protect my little girl from growing up too fast. I very nearly feel out when she reported that the other second graders are wearing bras and waiting for Miley Cyrus’ to make an R-rated movie. Really second graders? Innocence lost is never regained.

    • Second graders wearing bras?! That is ridiculous! And don’t even get me started on Miley Cyrus & all the other teeny bopper “idols”. I haven’t let my daughter watch any of those iCarly or Hannah Montana shows because it seems so many of those young Hollywood girls end up in rehab or on the cover of a magazine with their lady bits all hanging out for the world to see. There are no good role models, are there? It’s really sad.

  16. It’s horrible. And people wonder why teen pregnancies are on the rise… because we don’t let little girls be little girls. Companies try to force them to grow up and turn them into slutty little hoochy mamas.

    I went training bra shopping for my 9 year old and had a seriously hard time not finding padded bras. What the heck? I ended up buying her some sports bras because that’s all they had that weren’t padded. Sad. Luckily my daughter was thrilled and wanted nothing to do with the padded bras.

    I am so glad that my kids go to a school where they are required to wear uniforms. I’ve seen after school activity people come in with their elementary school kids from other schools wearing short shorts, mini skirts, mid drift shirts, platform boots and crap like that. Why do parents buy that stuff for their kids? I don’t get it?

    • I totally agree about the uniforms — I wish my kids went to a school that required them. And the padded training bras? Really? That is just all kinds of wrong. Sick!

  17. I totally agree!! I would boycott the store!

  18. I have a problem with clothes for even my 2 year old daughter! I cannot believe how short the shorts and skirts are! And the shirts are ridiculous as well. Don’t even get me started on the phrases that I’ve seen on little girls’ shirts…
    You are so right to be upset about it. Who thinks this is appropriate??

    • You’re so right — the shorts & skirts are out of control. Who in their right mind thinks it’s ok for a kid’s ass to be sticking out of a pair of shorts?! Shame on them!

  19. I’m with you. Plus I think there’s something in the water because I’ve noticed that early teenage girls are almost as big as Pamela Anderson these days. What’s up with that??? Not only are they BIG but they’re not shy to flaunt it.

    • Yes! What is up with the ginormous teenage boobs?! I’ve heard people say it’s related to milk products & what we’re feeding our cattle, although I have no idea if that’s actually true. It’s scary to think about how early girls are getting their periods now days too! I swear I’d put my daughter in a bubble if I could.

  20. isn’t it appalling how ridiculously contradictory our society has become?

    on one hand, nudity has been deemed inappropriate at any age. long gone are the times when i was 3, running around a lake butt naked with my butt naked friends. and you know what? i get it. we are more sensitive and sensible, trying to protect our children’s privacy and innocence for as long as we can.

    as such, we believe now that our children are better off covered. who in their right mind then thinks clothes such as the padded bras, or even short skirts and heels on size-ten shoes for that matter, are appropriate? who buys them? who even approves these items for sale?

    if the laws exist that make parents cover their children up while in public, where are the laws that would ensure the available cover-up is age appropriate? yes, have the children wear swimsuits. but the ones that make little girls look like pamela andersons should simply not exist in a society that holds children’s innocence in such high regards.

    • You’re so right — it is totally contradictory. People totally flip out about little kids being nude in public, yet it’s ok for them to wear Daisy Dukes?! Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. The people who design those kids’ clothes should seriously be ashamed of themselves.

  21. I’m a mid-20s female and still have this problem. I was shopping with my boyfriend and pointing out just how short they have managed to make shorts. For comparison, I sat one pair next to a pair of underwear. I’m sadly serious that they were BARELY any bigger.

    I want my shorts to cover at least a little of my thighs, and a lot more than just my underwear (if that, ugh)!

    • I hear ya on the booty shorts — what is with those?! I like the bermuda length shorts myself, but the shorter, the better seems to be the philosophy this season. It’s gross — especially for little kids.

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