Mr. Forgetful

You know that saying about the apple not falling far from the tree? Well, I often tell my husband that he would no doubt lose his balls if they weren’t already attached to his body, and it seems that my son is now following right along in his daddy’s footsteps. I swear the kid cannot keep track of ANYTHING. And it doesn’t matter how important it is to him — he still somehow manages to “misplace” it.

Wintertime seems to be the absolute worst with this little game of hide and go seek the missing item. With all the cold weather paraphernalia that’s required to stay warm, he is always missing something. I finally learned after multiple winters with him to just buy several hats and mittens to keep on backstock. But even with the backup accessories, I still ended up having to send him to school with mismatched mittens on some days.

And then there’s the water bottles that he and his sister insist on dragging to school with them every damn day. I have bought so many of those frickin’ aluminum bottles since my son can never remember to bring them home from his locker. I gotta admit that I was a little scared to open up his locker on conference night cause I was sure that a mountain of water bottles would come tumbling out and bury me alive right there in the hall. And if he does manage to bring the bottle home, he often forgets to bring the lid. There was one particular lid that we’d been missing for weeks, and then he randomly found it lying under a tree in front of the school one afternoon. Talk about luck!

His baseball mitt is another thing the little dude just cannot seem to keep in tow. We could remind him 50,000 times not to forget it after practice or a game, and 99% of the time, he’ll hop in the car sans glove. Just last night after his game, we got all the way home before he realized that the mitt was MIA. So, I agreed to drive back over to the field to look for it while he took a bath. When I got back to the field, everyone had gone home, and I had zero hopes of actually finding the freaking thing. I was sure that someone had probably taken it by mistake. Nevertheless, though, I searched all around the area, and low and behold, there was the poor lonely glove barely peeking out of a big patch of weeds. Now why on earth my son decided to shove it in there is beyond me, but again, it appeared that luck was clearly on the kid’s side.

The day that he truly loses something very valuable to him will be a huge eye opener to him. I mean, if he were to lose, say, his Nintendo DS, for example, I’m pretty sure his whole world would fall apart, and he would shrivel up into a little ball in the corner for the next 75 years. I’ve often thought about making him “think” he’s lost something really important, just to make a point. However, forgetfulness seems to run thick in the male blood of the Nucking Futs family, so, unfortunately, I’m sure it would end up being a short-lived lesson.


10 Responses

  1. My boyfriend’s daughter has almost lost her DS on multiple occasions. I’ve told her time and time again when she’s finished playing with it, to put it back in it’s carry bag that she has. She doesn’t. Usually it’s when she’s in the car. There have been multiple times where I open the back door to help her out, and there between the seat and the door is the dang DS. Luckily it hasn’t fallen and smashed on the pavement yet. But each time I point it out to her and remind her that if it disappears she will NOT be getting a replacement.

    • If my son lost his DS, I swear it would be the cry heard round the world. He’d die without it. However, as much as I tell him to keep track of it, he still doesn’t.

  2. my son is the same way!!! OMG!! but the “thinking” he lost something important helped cure it a little bit! he would leave stuff behind and i would always be the one to go back and find it. so one night after tellign him 20 times not to thake his fav toy in the restaraunt with us ( which did he listen?? hell no) he left it on the table. which i grabbed and stuck in my purse as we were leaving. about 20 min later he screamed OMG I FORGOT MY TRANSFORMER!! i turned in my seat and said sorry its too late to go back they are closed and we are already on the interstate. talk about a freak out.. ha! he cried for the next hour or so on the way home. He sulked the rest of the night and was still pissy come the next morning. i waited until he came home from school to show him i had grabbed it. he hasnt left anything behind since then .. other than the occassional jacket at school..

    • Ok, so if the “thinking” he lost something idea really worked for you, maybe I need to seriously give this a try…..

  3. sometimes i forget things on purpose so i can piss my wife off. i will teach that to my son. we will cause her to go bald just like her husband.


  4. My son lost his sunglasses in Best Buy and he bawled his eyes out. I told him to pay attention to his glasses, but he didn’t listen to me.

    • Of course he didn’t listen to you! It’s written in the manual that kids only hear the Charlie Brown teacher when we start speaking to them. 😉

  5. Not only does my son LOSE everything: countless coats, several lunchboxes etc…but he also forgets basic things like: wearing shoes to school OR changing clothes everyday OR making sure his clothes are on right-side-out. This kid is almost 10!! Somebody tell me they grow out of it!

  6. For the aluminum water bottles, we have labeled both the container and the top of each with our kid’s names. The labels from Mabel’s Labels [] are incredibly durable and have been through countless dishwasher loads. The labels are also available for articles of clothing and other items. It may not help with forgetfulness, but it certainly makes them easier to identify.

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