The Glass Explosion

     Ever have one of those moments where you realize how quickly your whole life could change in just the blink of an eye?  Well, we certainly had one of those so-called eye openers when we got home from Florida on Sunday night.  Nothing says “WELCOME HOME” like a little brush with death, eh?!

     We’d finally gotten the kids calmed down from all the Easter sugar they’d gorged on all day and had just tucked them away into bed, so that we could start unpacking all the dirty laundry.  I was knee deep in piles downstairs, while my husband was upstairs going through his own suitcase.  I heard him yell something down the stairs to me about finding a pair of kids’ pj’s in his stuff, and then I heard an unbelievably LOUD series of crashing sounds.  It was so incredibly LOUD, in fact, that it sounded like furniture was being turned upside down.  My husband started yelling “HOLY SHIT!!!” over and over again as I raced up the stairs to see what the hell was happening above me.   

     When I got to the hallway outside our bedroom, I saw shards of glass EVERYWHERE.  The kids were standing in the hall totally freaked out, and my husband shouted for me to freeze since I was barefoot.  I obeyed and stood there in complete and utter awe at the sight before me.  For absolutely no reason whatsoever, the HUGE wall-mounted mirror (we’re talking a sheet of glass that’s 61″ by 52″ big) in our master bath came crashing down and literally exploded all over the freaking place. Hunks of glass had even flown as far as our walk-in closet, which is clear on the other side of our bedroom. My husband looked like he’d just seen a damn ghost and had to have come really close to pissing himself since he’d just been in the bathroom not even a minute before this happened.  I have no doubt that he would’ve been seriously injured had he been in there.  And if our kids had just so happened to be in there?  Well, I shudder at just the mere thought of that.

     We couldn’t help but wonder if someone was trying to send us some kind of signal or something.  I mean, come on, we’d been out of town for nine whole friggin’ days and nothing had happened.  But we’re home not even two hours, and BOOM, all hell breaks loose?  That mirror was installed over five years ago — why would it just all of a sudden come popping off the wall?  Thank goodness the company who did the addition on our house and who hung the mirror in the first place is coming to replace it on Thursday.  In the meantime, I’m going to pray that my kids don’t introduce their newly learned phrase of “HOLY SHIT!!!” on the playground at school, as well as try really hard to forget about how many years of bad luck this could potentially bring us. Does the ginormous size of the glass make it longer than seven years?  I hope not cause I sure as hell don’t need any more dark clouds hanging over me….


15 Responses

  1. Whoa. That’s scary as hell…. You guys were very lucky.

  2. So if it falls off the wall and breaks on it’s own, who gets the 7 years of bad luck??

  3. Thats friggin scary!!! thank goodness noone was hurt

  4. Yikes…how scary is that?


  5. That sounds horrible, and yet you managed to bring your pervasive good humor to the situation. Everyone has close calls — you just have to remember that you survived, and then move on. Glad you are OK!

  6. That just sent shivers down my spine. I’m awake, I’m awake!

  7. Did you take your dog on vacation with you? If not, I would blame the dog…you did cut off his manly bits after all…

  8. Yikes. That is nucking futs, to borrow your clever blog name.

    Glad no one was hurt. And, as for the 7 years, no worries; I’ve broken so many chain letters, that I’ve been dead 12 times.

  9. Holy! Thank God that no one was hurt.
    I think it’s sort of an all inclusive seven years, but no one actually BROKE it. It committed suicide.

  10. Holy flying shards of glass, Batman!!! Glad everyone is okay. You definitely have to put it out of your mind of you will never be able to go into your bathroom again.

  11. Freaky…I remember my husband was trying to get rid of an old mirror from our basement bathroom. He wanted to break it up so he could put the pieces in a box for disposal. Would you beleive that bugger Would.Not.Break. He bashed it with a hammer, slammed it on the ground, nothing. So he finally just picks it up to lay it flat in the trunk of the car and the damn thing SHATTERS in his hands. He ended up with a nasty cut that really should have been stitched (but because he is a MAN, he didn’;t go to emergency *rolls eyes*

    Glad no one was hurt!

    • Why are men soooo anti-medical attention?! My husband is the same way & it drives me freaking crazy!

  12. Wow! That’s freakish. I’m glad to hear that your family is unharmed.

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