When it comes to sandcastle building, my husband does NOT mess around.  In fact, he’s just downright anal about it.  It’s a whole friggin’ process that does not involve even the tiniest bit of silly business.  Any messing around, and you are out.  He’s even been known to fire his own damn children from his building crew.  I tend to just watch from a distance and snap pictures when instructed to do so.  (I also SUCK at building sandcastles, but that’s beside the point.)

He begins by clearing out a massive area for the foundation:

He then calls on any and all muscle power to help dig a moat around the entire perimeter:

Next comes the construction of the actual castle, which can be a delicate thing if the water starts to wash up on shore.  And if a certain someone decides to do running leaps through the fragile structure, well then, all hell breaks loose.

For instance, this poor dude was caught goofing off on the job and was temporarily kicked off the project half-way through its completion:

You will notice that he did NOT take the news lightly:

After a long and grueling hour of working in the sun and shooing away curious on-lookers, Hubby and his little helpers ended up with quite a masterpiece:

Sadly, though, the Gulf of Mexico ate it all up before the sun even went down.


9 Responses

  1. Hahaha! My husband is the same way with most any building project. The girls now know better than to ask him to help them build anything with their blocks.

  2. awesome sand castle!!!

  3. I’m not sure it’s just a guy thing…when my son was really into Thomas the Tank Engine, my wife would build very elaborate track layouts with him and would actually get upset if my son disassembled them while she was at work. Might be a personality thing.

  4. he IS like me! I’m a drip castle maker too, and my kids don’t get a look in. I start them off on their own one, and it’s a crappy next door neighbour kind of castle!

  5. great post and pictures. we just left Fl today and only had time for 1 day at the beach. sadly, no sandcastles for us. we had clouds and wind that day. we all stayed dressed and avoided the water. it worked out for me since i’m not bikini ready yet. have a great trip and take care. (@twitter/kikinitwithkiki)

  6. I’ve gotta say, that’s a pretty damn impressive sand castle!!

  7. Jeez…so much for turning pails of sand upside down.


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