Big Dick’s

    This weekend we had to take the kids on the dreaded mission of buying new soccer and baseball cleats.  Past experience has proven to us that the best and most economical place around us to purchase said footwear is Dick’s Sporting Goods. Now, call me juvenile, or call me perverted, but I just can’t help but laugh every time we go to Dick’s.  The name just absolutely cracks me up.  And I have to be careful that I make sure to giggle to myself in silence so as not to alert my kids to my junior high gutter mind.  But, seriously, how can you not crack up in a ginormously-sized store called Dick’s that specializes in the selling of balls?

     Every time we go to this mecca of all things sports, I tend to get a little lost in the enormity of this store.  There’s just so much to see, that it’s unbelievable.  Now, I’ve seen a lot of different Dick’s in my time (hee hee), but I think ours is probably the biggest (hee hee).  It’s two stories of everything you’d ever need for every sport ever invented.  And my husband absolutely HATES going there with me cause he says I act like it’s my duty to inspect every inch of Dick’s (hee hee).  I usually end up working my way from the bottom all the way up to the very top (hee hee), even perusing areas with which I have no experience whatsoever.  Can I help it if the super cool camping equipment display makes me want to pop a squat and roast a weiner (hee hee) right there on the second floor?  And I even freaking HATE camping!  I guess Dick’s just really knows how to get your attention.

     We spent a good solid hour before we were finally ready to beat it (hee hee).  And when we walked out of there, we had two new pairs of cleats, some baseball pants, a yoga mat, a pair of warmup pants, and, naturally, a set of golf balls.  Cause what good would a trip to Dick’s be without a shiny new set of balls?


17 Responses

  1. HAHAHAHAHA….this is great! Unfortunately our DIck’s is tiny (hee hee) ;). O yea, and it is right next to a chocolate speacialty shop…I will leave that one to your imagination LOL.

  2. hee hee..
    you’re so silly.
    & so is Mama Bennie & her fudge factory. 🙂

  3. No cups from Dick’s? You know……to protect the….ok, I’ll stop. I’m just as silly when I drive past our Dick’s. It’s not as large as your Dick’s, but hey, does the size of Dick’s really matter? (hehehehehe)

  4. We have a big Dick’s and a little Dick’s in our town and I have to chuckle everytime I go there. Really…what guy, if given the choice, would ever be seen in the little Dick’s?

    • Haha! Yes, I doubt very much that any man w/self-respect would dare step foot into the little Dick’s for fear of ruining his rep. 😉

  5. I am the same way…I laught everytime we have to go there! I guess sick minds think alike 🙂

  6. Wish we had a Dick’s where I live!

  7. Acadamy sports has good prices too.

  8. That last sentence is worth the price of admission to this blog. Kudos!

  9. In a strip mall in my city, there used to be an adult store beside a dog grooming business. The signs read “Just for Lovers” and “Doggie Style”. Should’ve taken a picture before the grooming business closed!

  10. We don’t have Dick’s in our town, but I’ve been doing some work lately with the state of Kentucky, and well becuase I’m lazy I abbreviate a lot. And I giglly everytime I type KY.

    • Haha! I’ve never thought about Kentucky’s abbreviation like that, but I sure as hell will now & I’ll be giggling right along w/u! 🙂

  11. glad to know i am not the only one with a 12 year old boy living inside her head

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