Just Left Of Lost


     You know how some people just have an inherently good sense of direction?  And you know how other people get lost four doors down from their own freaking house on their own freaking street?  Well I happen to fall into the latter category.  I swear I could fall off course even if I had a whole fleet of crossing guards pointing me in the right direction with huge neon flashing arrows.  And even with the GPS system in my car, I often end up driving in circles. Call it one of my many flaws, but I truly suck ass at navigation.

     So you can probably understand then why I had an extremely strong desire a couple of days ago to call up the jackass of a genius who decided to put the nearest Pump It Up in the middle of freaking nowhere.  (If you’re not familiar with Pump It Up, it’s basically an inflatable version of HELL where kids hold birthday parties.)  Even though I’ve been to the damn place fifteen thousand times, I can never ever remember how to get there.  And it doesn’t help that the stupid address apparently doesn’t even exist on my car’s GPS.  I guess it doesn’t recognize BFE locations.  Somehow, though, by the grace of God, I was able to deliver my son to his friend’s birthday party Tuesday afternoon on time and without any unwanted detours.  However, when it was time to pick him up from the party, it was a whole different story.

     My daughter and I decided to run over to Target while the party was going on, so I made sure that I paid very close attention to exactly how I got from Pump It Up to Target.  It’s a very industrial area so I looked at landmarks, I looked at street signs, and I was certain that I’d be able to retrace my route without any problem.  Boy was I ever wrong.  Every building looked the exact same, and I’m convinced that some little shit went and switched all the street signs on me.  I ended up on the road to nowhere, putting me a good fifteen minutes late to pick up my son and one of his friends.  In a panic, I called 411 Info on my phone hoping to be immediately connected to Pump It Up.  As I waited for the transfer, I could just picture my little guy and his friend standing there all by themselves gasping for air in that cesspool of germs.  

     When I was finally connected to Pump It Up, I was then subjected to the world’s longest automated system.  I kept pressing “0” to speak to an actual human being, only to be taken all the way back to the beginning of the damn system.  I wanted to scream at the bitchhole on the recording who kept telling me over and over about all the fun I could have by planning my next party at their facility.  Did she not give a shit that my son was drowning in a sea of bacteria?  After three attempts at trying to get a person on the line, I figured out that I actually had to press “9” instead of “0” — seriously, WTF? Everybody knows that “0” means “operator.”  I quickly explained to the receptionist that I was running late since their building was IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND, and when I eventually got there, my son and his friend were sure enough the last guests to leave.  I apologized up and down and all around to the mom of the birthday boy and whisked the boys into the fresh, clean air as quickly as possible.

     I absolutely dread the next time I see a Pump It Up party invitation in the mail, and, in fact, I may just accidentally throw the flipping thing away.  I am not a big fan of driving around aimlessly and getting absolutely nowhere.  So, in the future, if you want to give me directions to your next shindig, you might just want to attach a personal escort who can walk right next to my car and talk me through the whole thing.  Otherwise, you can bet your ass that I’ll be more than just a little casually late.


5 Responses

  1. Never heard of a “Pump it up”. Sounds like all the Chuck E Cheese to me. Hate that place.So of course the kids love it.I have never booked a party there…but I have taken the kids to a few. So incredibly frakking loud. Mine were too little to be left there(IMO) so I stayed.OMG! Next time,I’m going to drop and drive. Peel tires out of that place.
    And my Garmin GPS saves me at least once a week. Love that thing. 🙂 I’m “lost” without it. har har-bad pun. 😀

  2. I get lost a lot too. Thank goodness my GPS is there to cockblock me from going the wrong way. I would prefer the adult GPS though. “Hey dumbass, I said turn the fuck around” “Why are you driving, dumbass, take a cab” “Hey dumbass, It’s a good thing you’re cute, cause you can’t even turn around without getting lost”

    It’s a curse not having a sense of directions. Last time I was downtown Chicago all the people I asked couldn’t even tell me where LaSalle Street Station was. I gave up after an hour and a half and flagged down a taxi. (Now this was on foot) Seems the 2 mile distance was stuck in The Twilight Zone.

  3. been there, done that. not sure how i made it anywhere before i had my gps. i love my gps. if i have to park somewhere and walk, i bring it with me and still follow the directions while walking. my son had his 4th b’day party at Pump it Up. never again. hope you found some nice things for yourself at Target. take care.
    ps – got any tips on how to get bikini ready since you just had that trip to Mexico? will be going to Fl at the end the march and need to trim up the behind and belly. i run, but seems to do nothing for my ass.

  4. my husband could get lost in a paper bag! Stick him in the middle of a city and he is screwed BUT stick him in the middle of the woods and he can make his way home…well, at least until he hits a street sign, then he will be lost again 😉 He seriously has no idea what the next street over from us is even CALLED!!

    This is why I bought him a GPS…perhaps yours needs a software update so you can find Pump it Up 🙂

  5. I don’t have a GPS or a strong sense of direction (every time my husband says “look at that!!” & points to the right, I look left)

    so the only reason I don’t get lost is because I HATE being lost. It’s almost as bad as claustrophobia & I’ve never even watched “Deliverence”. So with such a strong desire to stay un-lost, I have become an excellent navigator & have even had a few friends turn their GPS down so they could hear MY directions. In consequence, I never drive when we go on long road trips (my husband can’t read directions for anything)…but I will take being driven around like an invalid if it means no side-trips to BFE.

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