Stress Reliever

     This week has not necessarily been my favorite.  Between the hubby being out of town, the dog shitting his brains out, and the kids fighting like they’re on “Jersey Shore”, I am a little on edge.  My mood has teetered between wanting to cry at one moment and wanting to scream at the next.  When I see happy people on the street, I can’t help but want to spit at them.  And that is why I found the video below to be so relatable.  I wish I would’ve thought to relieve my stress like this genius of a guy.  Check it out:


4 Responses

  1. LOL…omg I love that guy! Only one person tried to kick his ass though? Amazing!

  2. LOL!! This is just like a show we have here (Montreal) that is an offshoot of our Just For Laughs Festival called Just For Laughs Gags – kind of a candid camera show. It’s just too hilarious!

  3. That was the funniest thing I’ve seen all week! I probably shouldn’t have let my daughters watch it, though. Now they want to go out and do it, too!

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