Sing A Song


     My kids finally had their big first grade music show this past Wednesday at school.  I’d been hearing about this thing for weeks, and to be quite honest with you, I really had no clue what to even expect.  All I knew was that they would be singing some songs up on the big auditorium stage, because as many of you know, getting information out of a six year old is like milking a hamster.  I must’ve asked my kids ten thousand times to tell me about the theme of the show, but I pretty mulch got a whole lotta nothing every time.  So, naturally, I was very surprised to find out that the show was a WAY bigger deal than I had anticipated.  And I gotta say that the music teacher deserves serious mad props for orchestrating over 100 kids without losing her damn mind.  After seeing the unbelievable cuteness that resulted from all of her hard work and incredible management skills, the woman is a true flipping miracle worker. 

     The show was called “Time For Bed” and was about a group of baby animals who didn’t want to go to sleep at night for their parents (ironically enough, I can TOTALLY relate to this topic).   All the kids were dressed in their pj’s, and each class performed two songs.  Talk about a proud mama moment — I got to watch my little music man bang the shit out of a xylophone (and actually keep the beat while doing it!) and my fancy-footed daughter dance the “macarena” to “Rockin’ Robin”.  I don’t think I could’ve clapped any louder, and my face hurt from smiling so much.

     Of course, though, my kids don’t do well with sitting still for very long, and they each one grew antsy while waiting for the other classes to finish their performances.  As they stood on stage singing the background music, my husband and I noticed that my son was starting to fidget with his pajama bottoms.  I cringed because I just knew what was coming.  We held our breaths and crossed our fingers that he wouldn’t actually do it, but then… he did it.  Little dude stuck his hands straight down his pants and held onto his wee willie while he continued to sing his little heart out.  We laughed along with the other parents around us, because really, what else can you do other than be sure to zoom the video camera to capture this little memory for future bribary purposes?

     And my daughter?  Her patience was also growing thinner by the minute up there on stage, only instead of having a “personal moment” in the spotlight, she took it upon herself to flirt with the little guy standing next to her (cause it seems that’s just how she rolls).  There was lots of giggling and eye batting going on in the midst of all the singing, and you can bet your ass that my husband also zoomed that camcorder in on this action, as well.  You see, we’re capitalizing on every opportunity we can get to use for our benefit at a later time.

     Overall, the music program was by far one of the cutest things my eyes have ever seen.  To hear all those sweet little voices and see all those little beaming faces would surely even make the mean old Grinch’s heart skip a beat.  Even with my son’s hands shoved down his pants and my daughter throwing herself at the little dude next to her, it was one of those priceless parenting moments that will forever be tattooed in my brain.


6 Responses

  1. LOL O the cuteness. I am sure you can’t wait to show that video to the future boyfriends and girlfriends. Nothing better than priceless blackmail.

  2. You’re in for a treat when they’re teenagers, I think.

  3. LOL, that’s hilarious! I’m sure in a few years you will have them at your mercy by the mere mention of this video 😉

  4. I cannot wait to see this video! Kids do the darndest things!

  5. you make me smile. non-stop. you know that?

    and i quote:

    “I got to watch my little music man bang the shit out of a xylophone.”

    there’s something about you, NFM.

    we actually dread Pookie’s recital-deals…not b/c they’re poorly orchestrated, etc… like your conductor person, ours is a miracle worker. no, we dread our recitals b/c Pookie WON’T SING. or smile. or blink. hell, we’re not even 100% sure she’s doing anything. she’s afraid of not looking cool. it’s horrendous.

    anyway, much love from the SE and keep the great posts coming. jco

  6. FIrst time here! I gotta tell you – you have THE best name on the internet! Nucking Futs!! HAHAHAHA.

    here from twitter…and I will be back!

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