Non-Traditional Thanksgiving

     This Thanksgiving was a very non-traditional one for us.  It was the first year that I’ve ever been without my parents, since my dad’s immune system’s too weak to be around the kids.  Luckily, our good friends came to the rescue and invited us to their house.  Our kids were super pumped to hang out all day with kids their own age, and we were grateful not to have to do all the cooking!  

     We no sooner than got in the door before our kids were off and running with our friends’ kids.  They completely disappeared for a good two hours before we even saw a glimpse of them.  We took advantage of that kid-free time by snacking and chatting and drinking cocktails, while keeping an eye on the ginormous bird in the oven. However, it’s always been my experience that when kids are out of sight for too long, there’s most likely something fishy going on.  I decided to try and track them down before someone lost an eye or set the house on fire.

     I finally found them down in the basement all the way back in the storage room.  When I walked into the room, I first saw my friends’ little boy sitting in his baby brother’s swing all wrapped up in a blanket  (oh, and did I mention that he’s FOUR YEARS OLD?!) I then saw my son walk across the room wearing only his pants, since the top part of him was completely naked.  And when I asked why on earth he was going topless, I was simply told by my daughter that the boys were being cavemen.  Well, that made perfect sense, then.  All prehistoric dudes strut their stuff in Gap corduroy pants and chill out in infant swings.  Since nobody was bleeding and nobody was crying, I left the naked caveman and went back to join the rest of the adults.

     When the food was finally ready to go, the boys put their clothes back on so we could all chow down on a G-rated turkey dinner.  All in all, it was a fun Thanksgiving spent with some of our favorite friends.  The kids clearly enjoyed using their wild imaginations, while the big people enjoyed throwing back a few too many drinks. Although it wasn’t quite the same as spending time with my family, I suppose it was the second best thing. Sometimes traditions have to be tweaked in order to roll with the punches that life throws your way. And I’m thankful that I’ve got such amazing people in my life who protect me from those nasty left hooks.


9 Responses

  1. I am glad you had a decent Thanksgiving. I know it was probably really hard for you to not be with your family. I am sure your dad will get better, and you can have an awesome Thanksgiving with him next year.

    • If it’s just one holiday season that we have to miss with each other in order for us to have many more holidays together, then I can deal w/that. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving too! 🙂

  2. Naked caveman in the swing…hehehe
    Sounds like a good time for all!

    *sending healing vibes to your dad*

    disclaimer: I’m not some magical healer though. damn.

  3. I’m so pleased you got to have a lovely Thanksgiving in spite of the difficult circumstances. Better this, than perhaps having had to spend the day with relatives you didn’t really get on with … not to mention the naked cavemen memories!!
    Thank you for the post and I will continue to pray for your father.

  4. I’m glad you were able to have a good day despite missing your parents…it’s tough when you can’t be with the family that you are used to being with. It’s good you have the cave-kids to keep your spirits up!

  5. Anytime you guys want to “throw back a few” with adults – we’re at your service:)

  6. Hey, I love your site. It seems most people don’t really bother writing articles that lack substance nowadays.

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