Even though I’m usually ready to scream bloody murder and pull every strand of my hair out one by freaking one at the end of the day, I really do love tucking my kids into bed at night.  Now granted, it might be in small part because I’m slap-ass happy to finally be “off duty” (notice that I’m using that term VERY lightly) for a few hours, but it’s also in large part because I get to hear my little turkeys profess their undying love for me.  Moms don’t get any overtime or paid vacations, so we rely on these sweet little moments to keep us going.  

     Typically, my kids automatically spit back an “I love you, too” as I exit their rooms and make a break for it.  I walk away feeling all warm and fuzzy and willing to stick out this job for at least one more day. But when I told my son that I loved him the other night and got a most unwanted response of “ok,” I thought that surely I must’ve heard wrong.  Maybe my exhaustion had gotten the best of me, or maybe I needed to clean the wax out of my ears.  Unfortunately, though, when I asked him to repeat himself, he admitted that he actually did say “ok.”

     Now, there is definitely other feedback that would be more acceptable for such a situation.  I’d take a “you, too” or a “me, too” or hell, even a “thank you” over an “ok” any old day.  He might as well have just knocked me right in the face with a one-two punch with that kind of line.  I personally happen to think I deserve a lot more than that.  I mean after all, I do feed him, clean him, use my sleeve for his Kleenex, read to him, wipe his ass, sing to him, catch his puke in my hands, and leap tall buildings in a single bound for him 365 days a year.  Show a girl some love, my little man!

     He has at least given me the appropriate reciprocation ever since, so hopefully, I made my point very loud and clear.  I don’t expect red carpets or sparkly crowns or anything of the royal sort.  A simple “I love you, too” goes such a long way for an extremely worn-out mama. I know that soon enough, the very sight of me will embarrass the hell out of him in front of his friends, so I’ll soak up all the motherly adulation I can muster up from him until then, thank you very kindly.


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  1. At least he can respond. Half the time Pinapple just pushes my face away when I go in to kiss her goodnight – feelin’ tha love, let me tell ya.

    Although, the other night, she was asleep and I stopped over her bed to peek down at her with a loving smile on my face – she opened her eyes briefly – clearly still asleep – and when she closed them, she smiled. I like to think it was her love for me shining through.

    Most likely it was gas.

    Hang in there! Love your blog!

    • Thanks! Such a sweet story about your little girl — a smile goes a long way (even if it was the result of a fart or two — we mothers take what we can get!) 🙂

  2. I’m with you – an ok is not ok! Unfortunately kids will never really get how much we do for them until they have their own. Night-time smooches are what keep me going.

    • My mom’s always told me that you never truly appreciate your parents until you’re a parent yourself, and now I know exactly what she meant.

  3. Oh my God, if either of my girls gave me an “ok” I would orbit. Serious shit hits the fan if they ever “ok” me!

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