Front Load This

XX Home Maytag A.jpg     No pun directly intended here, but I have to get back up on my soapbox again and complain about the utter disdain I feel for my washing machine.  It is a Maytag Neptune front loader and is without question on the road to becoming my ultimate nemesis, right behind all the poop which our new puppy seems to be full of.  Since I am all but married to the laundry around here, I have no choice but to come eye to eye with this clothes cleaning beast multiple times a day.

     When we went shopping for a new washer and dryer three years ago, we were completely smitten with the fancy bells and whistles of the front loading models. They just looked like they were bad asses, luring us to take a walk on the wild side. The salesman at the appliance store helped us to decide on the Maytag line, since it had such a reputable name behind it.  Plus, the commercials all claimed that their repair guys had nothing to do but sit on their rumps all day since nothing made by Maytag ever breaks.  We explained to the man that our laundry area had wood floors, which he claimed would not at all be a problem for the fancy front loaders. We also explained that I probably would do more laundry in a week than most laundry mats do in a month, so we needed something extremely durable.  He reassured us that these machines would not only be more energy efficient but also hold even larger loads. Homeboy was willing to say and do whatever he could to bring home his bacon.  He was all but giving us a lap dance to seal this deal.

     At first, we were in love.  Our new washer and dryer seemed amazing.  I even found myself mesmerized by the swooshing and swushing of the water through the super cool see-through door on the washing machine.  And the dryer seemed to be able to dry however big a load I crammed in there.  I felt confident that the ridiculous amount of money we’d spent on this machinery was well worth every penny since we were knocking out massive amounts of dirty clothes and helping the environment to boot.  

     This honeymoon phase did not last long, however.  Over time our love turned sour and eventually switched over to hatred.  The washer now rumbles and tumbles so much that the machine actually moves out from the wall.  It sounds like the house is going to lift off to outer space when it gets to the spin cycle.  I have to forewarn company when I’m doing laundry so they don’t mistake our house for the Kennedy Space Center.  I’m constantly having to wiggle the monstrous thing back against the wall because it literally dances all the way out into the middle of the hallway.  My husband has tried to balance it more times than I can count, but it always gets off kilter again.  I’ve had service guys out here at least three times now, and I fully expected them to show up here in their little blue uniforms from the commercials jumping at the chance for some work to do.  Instead, they all just acted like I was a moron for buying a machine that was never intended for a wood floor in the first place.  Yeah, thanks a lot Mr. Money Shakin’ appliance store sales guy for feeding us a big, fat line of crap.

     Ungodly vibrations are not the only problem I have with the washer either.  The super cool see-through door has a rubber piece on the inside of it that is a breeding ground for mold.  And I’m not just talking about ugly-looking mold.  I’m talking about ugly-looking, smelly mold.  Who in their right mind wants to wash their dirty clothes and have them come out smelling worse than they did before?  I’ve had to wash loads several times before to be sure they smell like the more expensive high-efficiency detergent I’m required  to buy for the damn thing.  So much for the environmentally friendly feature of conserving water!  I have used more bleach on that friggin’ door trying to get that moldy smell out of there.  After researching online, I found out that Maytag has since corrected this problem on their more current models, which doesn’t do me jack-crap of good.

     Then, we have my loathing for the dryer, which was supposed to dry clothes more efficiently, therefore conserving energy.  Well, when you have to dry the same load of clothes THREE times, I’m not thinking you’re saving a whole lot of energy there.  I’ve also had service men come out for this problem, but it still persists.  I’ve just learned that things like jeans and pants may take two cycles in the dryer.  Yep, our gas company loves us.  

     You’re probably wondering why I’m sitting here bitching about all of this when we could’ve taken care of these issues with an extended warranty package.  Why, yes, we very well could have, IF WE WOULD HAVE PURCHASED ONE!  Mr. Money Maker sales guy had gotten us so hot and bothered over the wonders of Maytag that we didn’t think we’d need one.  We certainly learned our lesson, but I’m still stuck with a washer that’s ready for lift off and a dryer that won’t dry.  Awesome.


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  1. Your writing style is so wonderful! Every time I read your work, I want to jump through the screen and high-five you 32 consecutive times. That is all.

  2. You know, I always thought these things looked too good to be true – with the commercials with Kelly Ripa dancing around, loving her life. I’ll admit that they do look amazing, though – so I can totally understand where you’d be drawn to them. If it wasn’t for this post – I might have been, too haha.. Maybe I’ll stick to the top loaders, eh?


    • Definitely stick with the top loaders. That’s what I want the next time we get new ones. They make some now that are more energy efficient. Glad I could save you from future front loading hell!

  3. We were all set to purchase a set because the sales person was all but promising the moon and thankfully when we stepped aside to further discuss it, someone who owned a set interrupted us to warn us of some of the ‘undisclosed’ features theirs came with. Yeah, we didn’t buy them or even purchase a set there. If the sales people are willing to lie about it, we aren’t willing to purchase anything there. We ended up with a more efficient than our old ones top loading washer and standard dryer.. And we’re VERY happy with them.

  4. Makes me glad that we could only afford the bargain basement washer and dryer. They may not have any bells and whistles, but they do the job.

  5. LOL, I already knew Maytag is crap from my mom. That is why when we were shopping we bought Kenmore. I have a washer/dryer combo though. Kenmore has never steered my family wrong, and I love my washer and dryer. It was really hard to find a combo with a full size wash tub, but Kenmore was the only one that carried this feature. It is also energy efficient, and had an automatic dry sensor, that stops the dryer when your clothes are dry. On a different note, you wonder why your back is messed up, it is because you have to keep pushing that damn space ship of a washing machine around. I hope you can eventually get a washer and dryer that work.

  6. We got suckered into buying the Kenmore elite H3, blah, blah, blah. All was fine and dandy with my expensive machines until one day, 2 1/2 years later, my dryer starts beeping all crazy-like! Turns out it is a known problem with these sets where condensation builds up behind the control pannel and then shorts it out. I can spend $250 on a new control pannel….which will probably do the same thing in another 2 years. Sometimes I don’t think more expensive means better! My mom had a cheap set with just an on button that lasted over 10 years!!

  7. Oh, great. We purchased a used set for our new house (that we didn’t get), and still haven’t used them yet. They look awesome…but now I’m worried that they will be a POS. 😛

    • Perhaps you’ll have better luck than us. Just remember that you can’t always judge a book by its cover, so proceed with caution!

  8. I’d heard about the mold thing before. I want a front loader in the worst way, but I’ve heard enough to know that I need to research consumer reports before settling on a brand and model. We had to buy a new dryer a couple years ago and it’s an LG whose match is a front loader washer. We didn’t get the washer at the time because the top loader we have is perfectly fine (was a wedding present, and we’ve been married almost 8 years now and haven’t had any issues) but when it goes out, we’re going to get the match for the dryer.

    RE your dryer not drying. Before ours went out, we had a bunch of different tricks to keep it going. Stick a wire hanger down the lint trap and you’ll be surprised how much lint your screen doesn’t hang onto. Vaccuum it out if you can. Rinse the lint screen with water. There’s a film that will build up on it from dryer sheets and keep it from acting as a screen that lets air through. If you rinse it, the film will go away, allowing the air to circulate again which does a couple things, filtering out the lint more efficiently and allowing more circulation for drying the clothes. Do that once a week or so. If you can check the vent from the dryer to the outside of your house, do so. Sometimes birds like to get in there and make nests, which block the vent and reduce the drying power of your dryer. The birds especially like it in winter for the warm air the dryer puts out. There are dryer vent covers that go over the opening to keep birds out but still let out the air, and they’re usually less than $10 at Home Depot or Lowes.

    Hope these tips help. Sometimes, we took our dryer out from the wall and snaked a clean paint roller taped to a broom stick (well actually we used one of those telescoping poles they sell at Christmas that help you put lights on your roof without climbing up on the roof) through the vent in the wall as far as we can and try to collect some of the lint that doesn’t get trapped by the screen. The cleaner you can keep your lint trap/screen/ventilation the better your dryer will work.

    • Wow! Thank you so much for all the tips! You could give those Maytag guys a run for their money! I’ve heard those LG’s are really good. Maybe we’ll look into those when we can finally get rid of our hunks of junk.

  9. Did you know Maytag got sued for the mold issue- don’t know if you have checked into this, or if it’s too late, but you might be able to get some money out of them???? We had the very 1st neptune- the mold was soooooo gross! We got a Kenmore front loader, much better! Good luck!

    • I will definitely check into that. Freakin’ Maytag! I’ve heard really good things about the Kenmore ones. Maybe that’ll be our next brand if we can ever get rid of these big fat wastes of money….

  10. i know i’m behind the 8 ball here but damn. i just got a front loader. oops.

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