Puppy Love


     My world just got a whole lot nucking futtier, since yesterday was the day that we finally brought home our highly anticipated new puppy, Wrigley.  It was like a dream come true for my daughter, and my son, who, as you may recall, is not the craziest about dogs in the first place, even got into the excitement. Yep, I am once again a baby mama, and I’ve got the sleep-deprived bags under my eyes to prove it.

     Much to my kids’ disappointment, the breeder’s house was located about three and a half hours away from our house, forcing my husband and I to listen to five minute intervals of “Are we there yet?” throughout the entire duration of the car trip.  When we finally pulled up to her house, my daughter shrieked so loud with elation that she about burst our eardrums. She’d been staring at pictures of the puppies online for weeks, and she just couldn’t wait any longer to get her little hands on them.  We were first introduced to our puppy’s aunt, Mrs. McGillicutty, and his dad, Nike.  They were full-grown Airedales, which made my son a little anxious at first.  He kind of hid behind my back and watched from afar.  My daughter, on the other hand, who could very easily give the Crocodile Hunter’s daughter a run for her money as to who loves animals more, was, of course, all over the dogs.  And when the breeder finally introduced us to our little guy, she was truly on cloud nine.  I’ve never seen a bigger grin on her face as I did when I handed her the puppy for whom she’d been praying so long.  My son took a little while to warm up to him, but, eventually, he even sat in the floor and played with the puppy, as well.  My husband and I breathed a huge sigh of relief as we watched our son, since we were worried that he’d end up in therapy for being forced to face his biggest fear on earth.  

     As the breeder went over all the paperwork with us, she put the dad and the aunt in their crates and let the puppy play with the kids. Halfway through our orientation, we noticed that Wrigley had laid down in front of his dad’s crate.  They each put their faces up to the crate, so that they could feel each other’s warmth.  I couldn’t help but think that maybe they were saying goodbye to each other, and I immediately felt a lump in my throat. They both lay like that, faces pressed together, for a good fifteen minutes.  It was both the sweetest and the saddest thing I’d ever seen. We were taking this little creature away from the only family he’d ever known. (Little did we know that he would make sure we were more than aware of this fact later on that night.)  

     When we set off for home, we started out with the puppy in his crate at the back of the car.  That lasted for only about fifteen minutes, since he was completely freaking out.  I couldn’t stand it anymore, so he rode the rest of the way on our laps.  As we piled out of the car in front of our house, all the neighbors came out to meet this new kid on the block.  And, naturally, all the day’s excitement wore the poor thing out.  He happily snoozed in his crate after we put the kids to bed, so my husband and I scarfed down our pizza-delivered dinner.  We fooled ourselves into thinking that maybe this whole puppy stage was gonna be a piece of cake. How sadly mistaken we were.

     My husband took the dog out one last time around midnight.  We thought surely he could last until the crack of dawn.  Ha!  He instantly started in with the whimpering and whining, which soon escalated into ear-piercing shrills.  It honestly sounded like a pig was being slaughtered in our kitchen. For the next THREE hours, we both took turns going downstairs to try to quiet him down, much to no avail. How something that small can make noises that unbelievably loud is beyond me.  My husband eventually ended up grabbing a comforter and laying on the floor in front of the crate with his fingers through the bars.  Somehow, miraculously, the dog finally drifted off to sleep for a very short two and a half hours.  I don’t know who had the darkest circles under their eyes this morning — my husband, me or the dog. It’s definitely a toss-up.   

     One thing’s for damn tootin’ though.  Something’s gotta give tonight. We’re most likely gonna move the crate into our bedroom, so that he can at least feel that we’re near him.  I realize that he’s just scared and unsure about this new environment into which he’s been thrown, not to mention the fact that he’s probably missing his family. Great, as if I don’t already have enough mother’s guilt built up from my own twins.  Now I have one more little being to cause me remorse….


8 Responses

  1. He is soooooo adorable!!!! I do remember that Rajah cried at night for weeks when we first got her. It was so awful – and heartbreaking. Good luck. It’s still better than an infant 🙂

  2. Our Brodie cried like that for a while too…moving his kennel into our bedroom helped some, but we did that fingers in the kennel move for weeks. We also learned that repeating “Brodie go shhhh” over and over in a soothing voice would lull him to sleep. Eventually we only had to say it once or twice and he would settle in for the night. Now thanks to Bean, he has been allowed to sleep sprawled out in our queen sized bed (he’s a year old at this point) and he sleeps between the two of us. 🙂 It’s both cute and annoying. I’m rallying for a bigger bed.

  3. Yeah, I was going to go with the “Good luck with trying to rehabilitate him to his proper place” later! I’m envisaging the post in 6 months time that says he’s now lying all over your bed … 😉

  4. Definitely move the crate into your bedroom. Hopefully that will help. I agree with Jabulani, though, I wonder how long it’ll be before I read that he’s curled up on someone’s bed. It can be so hard to resist those soulful eyes gazing up at you!

  5. Oh ya… You’re in trouble! I’m having flashbacks from when we first got our puppy who now is the soundest sleeper in our family and most definitely owns our king size bed. Wrigley is adorable though so enjoy! And good luck tonight!

  6. He is so freaking cute!!!! OMG~what a love muffin. Sorry about the high pitch wails that a puppy produces. It is hard to leave them in the crate to cry especially if it risks waking up the neighbors or the kids.
    Good Luck on the puppy training and Congratulations on the new addition.

    • Thank you! He’s lucky he’s so darned cute cause he’s about to do me in completely. Between the kids & him, I think I’ve collected a few more gray hairs this week, not to mention an even more horrendous backache!

  7. Those first nights after you get a new puppy are horrible! He is just adorable! Good luck getting through the puppy stage. It usually does get better.

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