I know that most of my blog entries are normally light-hearted and good for a little laugh or two.  However, I felt compelled to write something a bit different today.  It’s sad but true that you really can’t trust ANYBODY these days. Remember how your mom used to always tell you to NEVER EVER leave your drink unattended in college?  Turns out that like usual, she actually knew what she was talking about.  I recently heard a story that confirmed to me that this world is chalked full of psychos just waiting to pounce on their next victim.  Everyone, girls and guys alike, should hear this story and use it as a wake-up call for their own personal well-being.

     Over the summer, a friend of mine (I’ll call her “Mary”) traveled to Canada with her husband and went out one night to a local bar for some drinks.  They struck up a conversation with another couple at the bar, and two hours later, found themselves still shooting the breeze with this seemingly friendly pair of New Yorkers.  Mary and her husband needed to use the restroom, so the New York couple agreed to watch their drinks for them.  When they returned, Mary finished her beer, while, luckily, her husband decided to quit drinking.  Mary remembers starting to feel fuzzy and hearing the other husband lean over at one point and whisper that he wanted to “f@*k” her while his wife watched.  Mary’s husband overheard and snapped at the other man for making such an obnoxiously inappropriate comment to his wife. The New Yorkers then jumped up from the bar, immediately turned the beers upside down to empty their contents, and bolted out of there.

     As Mary and her husband were walking back to their hotel, Mary began to hallucinate and could barely even walk.  Her husband had to pick her up and physically carry her the rest of the way.  She then began to get sick as she continued to hallucinate.  Her husband decided to hop the first plane home because he knew that she needed to see a doctor.  He was concerned about the language barrier being a problem, so he made the decision to take her to the emergency room in the United States since something was clearly not right.  This was obviously more than just her being over-served.  The plane ride home was a complete nightmare as Mary had to vomit into a barf bag the entire way.  As soon as they touched down on U.S. soil, they headed straight to the E.R.

     After running a bunch of tests, they found out that Mary had been drugged.  She had traces of ecstasy, heroin, and RAT POISON in her system.  Yes, freaking RAT POISON!  (Apparently, rat poison makes the effects of heroin and ecstasy last longer.)  It also took an entire week for all the drugs to finally make their way out of her system.  A few lousy sips from a Diet Coke several days after the whole ordeal even triggered a dangerous reaction in her body that sent her back to the emergency room again.  

     Mary is extremely lucky that she is o.k.  Thank God her husband was with her, and thank God these people didn’t do anything worse to her. Now, you may be asking yourself why they didn’t go straight to the police, and why they didn’t just go to a Canadian hospital.  The reality is that hindsight is 20/20.  This whole scenario could so very easily happen to any one of us, especially me.  I know I have walked away from my own drink in a bar many, many times before without even a second thought.  We’d all like to think that most people are generally good at heart, but the fact of the matter is that you just cannot let your guard down no matter what. We live in a world where the freaks not only come out at night but also at any given point in the day, too. Watch your back and even more importantly, watch your drinks.

**Tomorrow I will resume my regularly scheduled smart-assed self, but for today, please pass this story along to everyone you know. Hopefully, awareness is the first step in preventing this type of potential tragedy in the future.


16 Responses

  1. wow that is so scary, glad she is okay now

  2. Holy crap. That is INSANE. I’m so glad she’s okay. Thank you for sharing this story..it is good to be reminded that just because we aren’t in college anymore doesn’ t mean we shouldn’t be mindful of our drinks. Those people are sociopathic..I’m willing to bet the “hunt” was part of the game for them, because it wouldn’t be that hard for them to find a swingers’ club or something if that’s their kink.

  3. SCARY! You never, ever know!! Thank God her husband quit drinking!

  4. That’s so very scary, and I’m so glad she is ok!!

    It hits so close to me, though. About 5 years ago, while at a conference with a bunch of attorney’s that I work with, I was given a drink, and was told, “Here, drink this…you’ll really like it.” then bam! I don’t remember the rest of the night. It was scary. as. hell.

    Proves that you can’t trust ANYONE!

    • That is incredibly scary. They’re are so many sick, perverted people in this world — you just always have to try & protect yourself as much as possible. I’m glad you’re ok.

  5. Not only alcoholic drinks but your sugared/flavored drinks as well – they readily hide the taste of these drugs.

    Thanks for taking the time out to make this announcement.

  6. Crap! That’s horrid and scary! Not just the recovery but the “what ifs” that must haunt them. So glad they are ok!

  7. Makes me glad I don’t go out to bars or restaurants. I would also note this terrible couple was probably NOT from New York.

    Remember that movie we watched (or I did) in high school? “Go Ask Alice” – someone at a high school party drugged her soda and she died. This reminds me of that. My mom always told me to put my hand over my cup at a party so if you look away, someone can’t put something in it while you’re holding it. And, if you ever put your cup/glass down to use the restroom, get a new one when you come back. All good lessons.

    Will RT on Twitter. Amazing and sad that this happens to men, women, boys, and girls of all ages still. 😦 I’m so glad your friends are safe and sound now.

  8. … has all the tellings of an urban legend….

    Heroin being WAY more expensive than Ecstasy.. is unlikely to be mixed into it.. The drug dealer would be loosing money…


    It is extremely unlikely a doctor in a hospital would test and find these substances used as a date rape drug… when they are not put together in the first place…

    If it was ‘mixed’ with anything.. it was aspirin, or caffeine.. (both cheaper).. or talcum powder…. none of which would cause hours of vomiting.

    IM going to have to say… urban legend on this one…


    • Thanks for your response, but it most definitely is NOT an urban legend. This happened to my FRIEND, and she told me a detailed account of this horrible ordeal that happened to HER. This was a first-hand account, not just something I heard about. It most certainly happened, as sick & twisted as it sounds.

  9. That’s too bad it happened to your friend and the fact that it happened while they were in Canada is also bad because it just makes people hearing it once again have something bad to say about them and unless they were in Quebec then to not go to the hospital there is a bit strange the rest of Canada is normal and speaks english.

    The drug thing happened to my dh before too, when he was stationed in Virginia he went out with a couple guys from work and some guy drugged their drinks but they caught him…..I guess the plan was him and a few of his buddies were going to jump them when they left and beat the hell out of them and steal their wallets …however because they caught him other events happened him and his idiot friends hadn’t planned on …like getting the crap beat out of them and the police called on them !

    So really it’s not just girls… everyone should be careful ,you never know what sick weirdo is out there and what they are planning .

    • I also hope people don’t focus on the fact that it happened in Canada, because it could happen ANYWHERE. You just never know what people are gonna do. That’s awful what happened to your dh. It seems like many people have had this happen to someone they know, so it just goes to show how much you need to keep up your guard at all times. Thanks for your comments!

  10. Scary story. I’ve heard that “date rape” drugs are (or were at one time) a big problem in Santa Barbara. Whether you head to the restroom or the dance floor, take your drink or finish it first. Sad that some people resort to drugging someone’s drink.

  11. A similar thing happened to me years ago. I was in my late 20’s, at one of the new “hot spots” downtown with three good friends of mine. We all went to the bar and got a beer as soon as we got there. After that my memory is somewhat hazy but my friends said I was dancing with a guy at some point and thank goodness we all stick together because they said suddenly I was slumping to the floor and the guy I was dancing with said “I think something’s wrong with your friend.” You think?? I was carried off the dance floor to the manager’s office where an ambulance was called – I have no memory of any of this. Next thing I know I wake up to a tube being shoved up my nose. They had to tie my hands down underneath the bed I was on because I was fighting them tooth and nail. They said they were relieved to see me come alive like that because before then they were concerned I was becoming comatose or maybe even going into cardiac arrest. They’re pretty sure someone put Rohypnol (sp?) in my drink. It was a horrible, horrible experience and to this day I thank God I wasn’t out with flaky friends who were too busy off flirting with some random guys to pay attention to what was happening.

    To this day I tell all women I know that when they go out they need to make sure they keep an eye on their drink – NEVER set it down and go back to it. If it’s a glass hold it with their hand over it. Never let a guy buy their drink and bring it to them unless it’s an old, trusted friend. People are so twisted these days 😦

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