Crappy Kids’ Clothes


     Every time I go shopping for the kids’ back to school clothes, I come home aggravated and disgusted.  Everything out there is either the wrong size, way too freaking expensive, slutty-looking, very cheaply made, or just plain fugly. Honestly, who comes up with some of these shiteous styles?  It really makes me wish I had the money to start my own kids’ clothing line with good quality clothes that don’t cost a small fortune.

     One of the biggest complaints I have with the kids’ clothing that’s out there today is the sizing.  It is almost impossible to find pants that actually fit right.  They’re either fifty miles too long or too tight in the waist. Now, I have to admit that the adjustable waistband was a pretty ingenious concept.  It has made a world of difference for my stick figure son.  The child can eat like a horse, but he is so flipping skinny!  I always have to pull the adjustable waistbands as tight as those suckers can go just to keep him from losing his drawers.  It’s too bad they don’t make adjustable lengths too. Then we wouldn’t have to roll them up ten thousand times to avoid tripping.  None of the shirts seemed to be sized appropriately either. Some of the supposed “size 6” shirts for little girls look like half shirts and some of the supposed “size 6-7” shirts for boys look like dresses.  What gives?!

     Another issue I have is the quality and price of kids’ clothing.  I was at Nordstrom yesterday in the little girls’ section and found a cute bold-printed dress that I thought my daughter might like.  When I pulled it off the rack, I realized that the thing was as thin as a piece of paper!  And it cost eighty bucks!  I’m sorry, but I’m not gonna pay that kind of ridiculous money for something that doesn’t stand a chance in hell of surviving multiple washings.  I then perused the jeans section and came across a pair of True Religion jeans.  I love True Religion (for me), and they were so cute and so tiny.  However, my jaw about hit the floor when I saw that this eensy weensy bit of denim cost a whopping $120!  Who in their right mind pays that kind of money for a pair of jeans their kid will most likely outgrow or completely destroy before the end of the season?!  It’s just crazy, if you ask me.  

     The other thing that really frustrates me is that it seems that so many of the kids’ clothing chains try way too hard to keep up with the latest, greatest trends.  I’m sorry, but the same things that might look o.k. on teenagers or adults do not necessarily work for little kids.  I’ve already ranted about my issues with skinny jeans for kids, but the same could be said for half the other crap that’s hanging on the racks.  Does my six year old daughter really need to wear a see-through minidress to first grade?  And does she really need to sport a ripped up jean skirt that barely even covers her ass cheeks? Why would I want to dress her like a hooker and parade her around town? Some of these designers should really be ashamed of themselves. Not only are half of the designs sleazy-looking and skanky, but they are also just downright U-G-L-Y!

     I don’t think it’s asking too much for me to want to dress my daughter like a little girl and my son like a little boy.  And I don’t think I’m crazy for wanting the clothes I buy them to be affordable but not fall completely apart in the washing machine.  Has the fashion industry lost sight of what it’s like to be a parent?  It seems like they’re too busy trying to cater to the celebrity kids and have forgotten about the average everyday family. Maybe those richie-rich people can afford to pay an arm and a leg for their kids to wear something once and then throw it away, but most people don’t have that same luxury (or that same stupidity, for that matter.)  I think it’s time for the fashion moguls to re-evaluate the crap they’re mass-producing.  Don’t you?


7 Responses

  1. I shop at Gymboree, Gap and Children’s Place and Old Navy. I love all of them for their age appropriate clothing. I find Gymboree and TCP can be super cheap if you shop sales and with a coupon. I’m so glad we arent onto the “Justice” stage yet, I am so not looking forward to that. For now my kids are happy looking like kids, especially the girls.

  2. My kids are all still little. My oldest is 3. I am not looking forward to this. Maybe by time mine are older, you will have a kid clothing line. 🙂

    • That would be awesome, and I like the way you’re thinking! Thanks for the response & for reading! 🙂

  3. I totallly agree. It is completey ridiculous. My five year old daughter is extremely tall and the clothes available in her size range are not apporpriate at all. My other pet peeve is that everything has to have an attitude slogan on it. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to send my kids to school with shirts on it that say things like “All trouble all the time” or somthing like that. Can you imagine the first impressions that would make?

  4. I’ve had mostly good luck with Land’s End for kids. Their things tend to be more classically-styled and they do wear beautifully, generally in my family through 2 or 3 children. I don’t mind a trendy piece for my daughter on occasion, so I’ll pick up a few little “cheapo” tops from Target or the like and pair those with higher quality pieces from Land’s End. Good news is, if you’ve got a Sears close by, you can actually go try on the LE stuff before you buy, which is a huge plus.

    My favorite kids’ clothes come from Gymboree, Janie & Jack and Hannah Andersson, but because of the prices those are more the special occasion duds vs. every day.

    Good luck!

  5. adjustable waistband is the best invention ever for kids clothes. and as far as slutty..ugh don’t even get me started

  6. You speak for us all on this one.
    (and I love your new adjective: “shiteous”—hilarious)

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