Grammy’s Dog and Pony Show

dog_and_pony_show[1]    We are on our fourth day of our visit to Grammy’s now, and I am always amazed at what a wild imagination she has.  I don’t know how she does it, but she is always coming up with such crazy and creative things for the kids to do while we’re here.  I swear she must’ve either been a kindergarten teacher or a circus performer in another life.

     Before we got here, she went to a craft store and bought a bunch of multi-colored sparkly jewels and scattered them all over the gardens in her back yard.  She hid them everywhere — in the plants, under the bushes, in the flower pots, and on the stepping stones.  At first, she didn’t tell the kids that she’d put them out there.  She wanted to see how long it would take them to notice.  But nothing gets past my kids for long, and within five minutes of being in her backyard, my daughter had already found two jewels.

     Grammy told the kids that the birds had dropped a bunch of treasures in her backyard, and it was up to them to find all of them.  They were then on a mad mission to find every single hidden jewel.  Watching them work as a team was awesome!  They would get so excited when they’d find one, that you would’ve thought they had discovered lavish diamonds or something.  My daughter, who is by far the family champ at scavenger hunts, was the first to spy almost every single jewel.  However, she was actually considerate enough to notice that she had way more jewels than her brother.  She then took it upon herself to point out some hidden ones to him, so that he would have a chance to catch up to her.  (Moments like those are the ones that I want to bottle up and store on the bookshelf.  That way, on days when I want to claw my eyes out from listening to them fight over everything under the moon, I can glance in the bottle and remember that deep down, they actually do like each other.)

     They eventually found all of the hidden treasures and divvied them up between the two of them.  Lord knows what they’ll actually do with all the jewels when we get back home, but something tells me that I’ll be finding them scattered throughout our entire house for weeks to come.  I don’t know how she does it, but once again, Grammy’s creative wheels have churned out yet another fun memory for the kids.  I keep telling her that she’s setting the bar way too high, because the kids are gonna expect me to put on the same kind of dog and pony show as her.  And my dog and pony are just too damn tired for all that.


5 Responses

  1. So cute. I hope you got pictures. I wish you had the camcorder.

  2. That is sooo cute! I’m definitely stealing that one for some kind of future activity.

    My Mom was always doing fun, creative stuff like that when I was little…and I’ve been known to do some pretty silly stuff. We had a “rock party” with some neighbor kids when I was digging out grass for a new flower bed and wanted to get rid of all the rocks. After they got them all, we painted and put googly eyes on some, and put little ones in prescription bottles and did a little dance.

    Then once, my kids were playing with their buddies and all 7 kids decided to be dogs. They were fighting over who was the dog, and who was the owner and what their names were….so I decided to jump in. I told them they were all dogs, and the upstairs was their “kennel” and I got to name them. I put face paint on them (spots and all) and made little collars and tails. I even held a little “obedience school” session. It was the funniest thing ever.

    • Hmmmmm….I’m thinking you might just be the entertainment for next year’s birthday party — how much do you charge??!! Both ideas are super creative! I think you’d give Grammy a run for her money! 🙂

  3. All i can say is thank God for grandparents that do these kinds of activities! That is pretty fun and creative.. although she knows they are ultimately going home with YOU.. pretty smart too:))

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