255b[1]     Once again, we are here for a week-long visit at Grammy’s house.  When I’ve blogged about our past visits to Grammy’s house, I don’t think I’ve mentioned much about the other half of her whole, otherwise known as “Bumpa.”  When the kids were little, we thought it would be funny for them to call my dad “Grumpa,” since his moods tend to be on the grumpier side of the spectrum.  However, they couldn’t pronounce the “gr” sound very well, and before we knew it, my dad became known as “Bumpa” forever more.

     The kids think Bumpa is absolutely hysterical.  He teaches them all the things that I would really rather they didn’t know (like how to make fart sounds with their armpits, how to play tackle hide and seek, what you call a fart in the bathtub, how to spell “booger” — you know, all the typical rude behaviors you tend to ban from your household).  I always tell him that I’m going to direct any future phone calls from teachers to him.  I figure that if he’s gonna teach them how to be little punks, well then, by gosh, he can defend their actions to the higher power authorities.    

     The kids also think it’s highly entertaining to listen to Bumpa snore when he falls asleep in his chair.  A while back, they got the idea from Grammy that sticking bandaids across his mouth would stop him from snoring.  So now, any time they hear Bumpa snoring, they run to the bathroom cabinet and come back armed with a gazillion bandaids.  They stick them all over his lips and mustache and are amazed when he “magically” stops sawing logs.  (I haven’t let them in on the secret that he is fully aware of their little snoring remedy and simply playing along with them.)  They are usually so bewildered that they fall on the ground laughing with both pride and confusion over their victory.

     Another thing Bumpa just loves to do is to get the kids all kinds of wound up right before bed time.  It starts with him chasing the kids all over the house with “the claw” (aka his hand).  They run from room to room screaming and giggling until they are totally sweaty and have totally defeated the purpose of the bath they’ve just taken.  It then continues with him doing all that he can to distract them from the bedtime story that Grammy is trying to read.  Just when we think we’ve gotten them calmed down and focused, Bumpa then tickles their feet or makes ridiculous faces to get them laughing once again.  Bumpa has almost gotten himself kicked out of storytime altogether.

     Though he may teach them some questionable behaviors, Bumpa is a huge hit with the kids.  They absolutely adore him.  I often can’t tell who’s the grown up and who’s the kid when they play together, because the three of them are having so much fun.  And it sure is a good thing that he enjoys them as much as he does, because if they’re ever thrown in jail when they’re teenagers for doing something that he’s taught them, Bumpa’s gonna be their first phone call from the slammer….


4 Responses

  1. sounds like bumpa is taking my job! 🙂

  2. I totally love watching my kids with their grandparents. It’s really cool to see how they relate and conspire. Mostly conspire. But, whatever, someone else is entertaining the kids, who am I to complain?

    • Amen to that! Hard to say anything negative when someone else is willing to take the reigns for a bit! I know what you mean about the special bond between grandparents & kids. We live almost 7 hours from my parents, and I’d give anything to live closer so they could see each other more often.

  3. That is so awesome! Your kids are very lucky.

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