Rip Off

cpa0048l     Yesterday started out to be kind of a weird, hazy day weather-wise, so I decided to take the kids to the movies, something we haven’t done in a very LONG time. They wanted to see that movie “G-Force” with the secret agent guinea pigs. Typically, I love going to the movies with the kids because it’s just them and me, without any interruptions. They’ll often snuggle close and lean their heads on my shoulder. Those are precious moments to me, because I don’t know how much longer I’ll get them.  The one thing that somewhat spoiled the mood yesterday, though, was the cost for this warm and fuzzy moment. I had forgotten how ridiculously EXPENSIVE it is to go to the movies!  

     When the man at the ticket counter told me that it would be almost $21.00 for one adult and two kids, I thought I misunderstood him.  It was 1:00 in the afternoon, for cripe’s sakes — what ever happened to the “cheap” show??!!  I’m sure I’ll probably sound like my grandma by saying this, but I remember when it was only $2.00 to see a matinee!  Don’t the movie makers realize that the economy SUCKS right now, and that most people don’t have this kind of money to fork over on a random Tuesday afternoon to see any movie, much less a kids’ flick?  Nevertheless, I collected our tickets, and we proceeded to the next money-sucking counter, otherwise known as the concession stand.

     We ordered a medium Diet Coke for me and two kids’ popcorn packs, which included a teensy-tiny bag of popcorn, a small drink, and a bag of some kind of nasty-ass fruit chew things (which my kids didn’t even touch). The total cost — another $21.00!! I could not even believe that I had dropped over forty bucks in less than ten minutes, all for the opportunity to sit for less than an hour and a half in front of a very large screen filled with talking guinea pigs.  I’m all for cozy snuggle fests with my kids, but this was a little over-the-top.  I mean, I could’ve bought two whole dvd’s for the cost of this movie adventure!  

     I think next time, we’ll play it smarter and come better prepared. We might just be THAT family who sneaks in their own popcorn and drinks in mama’s oversized purse.  Hell, if it saves us $21.00, why not?  Someone needs to send these people a message!


6 Responses

  1. We definitely fall into the category of THAT family and I don’t even feel guilty about it!

    • I won’t in the future either cause we seriously could’ve gone out for a decent dinner at those prices! Total rip off!

  2. We bring lunch sacks and get the big popcorn that comes with free refills. Then divy it up into the sacks.

    We took the kids to see “Up” and it cost us $60 something with food and all, and I didn’t even like it. At one point my husband leaned over and said, “Aren’t Disney movies usually happy?”

    • Good tip with the lunch sacks! I heard “Up” was weird too — my parents took my kids to see it & thought it was not really a kids’ movie.

  3. Why else do they sell movie theater sized boxes of candy for a buck at Walmart? To sneak to the movies in a big purse!

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