If I have to wonder even for a second why my son is always leaving his belongings pretty much anywhere he goes, I don’t have to look very far. He seems to be following right along in the footsteps of his father, who would most certainly forget his legs if they weren’t already attached to his body. I think it must just be in the male mentality to walk out the door without doing a mental checklist of what they need.  And over this past weekend, my husband proved this point yet again to me.

     Sunday was a crazy day in our house — I had the half-marathon race at the crack of dawn, and my kids had two birthday parties to attend.  My husband agreed to be the kid shuttle for the day, since I was going to be M.I.A.  I knew I needed to have everything laid out and ready to go, so Saturday night, I wrapped the presents and laid out the cards for the kids to sign.  I attached post-it notes for my husband so he would know which kid was supposed to sign which card.  I wanted to be sure the presents were in plain eyesight and not forgotten, so I put them smack dab in the middle of the kitchen table. Surely, they couldn’t be missed, since they would be eating breakfast there before the first party of the day.  

     In addition, I left specific instructions about the times and locations for the parties, along with a big reminder note about NOT FORGETTING THE PRESENTS!  I even went through all of these little details with my husband to be sure he had the low-down on the day’s schedule of events.  As he rolled his eyes with a sigh of disgust, he claimed to have everything locked and loaded in his head.  His face, however, seemed to be saying, “What do I look like?  A moron?”  I just bit my tongue and held back any opinions I might have had on that subject. He certainly means well and is very good about taking the kids off my hands when I really need him to, but his track record for remembering all the little particulars is not necessarily the strongest.  

     And wouldn’t you know, I called it from the get-go.  As predicted, he got half-way to the first party with the kids before he realized that he had left the present sitting right there on the kitchen table.  And he wonders why I leave lists everywhere for him???!!!  They ended up missing the first half of the party by the time they turned around, picked up the gift, and finally made their way back.  My husband explained the reason for their tardiness to the mom of the birthday girl, who just laughed with a “been there, done that” sign of understanding as she glanced over at her own husband.

    I really don’t know what more I can do to help the men in my house be better about remembering things.  Surely, there’s gotta be something I haven’t tried yet.  Should I start putting post-it notes on their eyeballs?  Or is it simply just a lost cause?  Maybe I should consult with an elephant….


7 Responses

  1. i am of no help. i forget EVERYTHING. i have to make lists and back them up on my phone. i’m hopeless!

    • Oh, don’t get me wrong…I, too, make lists for EVERYTHING! I just get so aggravated that my husband looks me straight in the eye and swears he’s gonna remember to do something, and then he flat-out forgets! Like I said, he’d be without his legs if they weren’t already attached…. 🙂

  2. How was the Marathon? Weagther? Time? Degree of difficulty? I was thinking of you. lv,lu

  3. Oh boy, am I with you on this one. My son has left his coat, shoes, lunch, backpack, tote, homework etc…..one day as he left the car I noticed he had on the same clothes that he wore the day before!!!

    And this kid has an EXCELLENT memory. He could beat me at the “memory” game when he was 3.

    I just never leave it to them to remember. No matter how many times my son, girls, or husband tell me that they “do not need me to remind them”, I still do. OR I wait til it’s a non-essential item, and remind them halfway there with the P.S. that I’m NOT going back to get it.

  4. In fact, I probably would have put the presents in the car the night before.

  5. It will keep happening if you keep reminding, unfortunately. If he knows that you’ll give detailed instructions and reminders for everything, he will never take personal responsibility for them and will keep forgetting things. The only way he will learn is for you to simply say “The kids have birthday parties to attend, you’d better sort out some gifts” (or at the very least just say “They’re in that bag over there”) and then leave it at that. If he forgets, his embarrassment will make him remember for next time. If he knows those lists and Post-Its will always be there, he has no incentive to take it upon HIMSELF to think of these things ahead of time.

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