Run Mama Run

     funny_half_marathon_card-p1378739226251622042vcl6_210     I have a very good excuse as to why this post is so late today. Yesterday, I ran the Chicago Rock n Roll Half Marathon!  I’m not quite sure how I was even able to walk 13.1 steps, let alone run 13.1 MILES, after as little sleep as I got on Saturday night, but somehow I pulled it off.  And, today, I feel like an old piece of road kill that’s been run over by a thousand semi-trucks.

     Race day did not start off on the best foot, that’s for sure.  On Saturday night, I had the worst insomnia I’ve had in a long, long time. I don’t know if it was nerves or hormones, but I could not drift off to sleep for anything in the world.  I kept doing the old, “Ok, if I go to sleep now, I’ll get five hours…, ok, if I go to sleep now, I’ll get four hours….”  This went on and on throughout the entire night, and I maybe averaged a total of one and a half hours of broken up sleep all together.  I decided I was going to have to run the race on nothing but pure adrenaline.  

     For the first few miles, I felt pretty good.  I had my Ipod blasting my favorite get-up-and-go tunes, as well as the amazing crowds that Chicago always attracts to such events.  Plus, the weather could not have been more perfect for running — 59 degrees at start time is practically unheard of at this time of the year!  All of these things helped to give my overly exhausted spirit the kick in the ass that it so desperately needed.  If only my GPS watch would have been on the same page….  It completely threw me for a loop and miscalculated my mileage somehow.  It really sucked to look down at my wrist and think I’d gone 3.68 miles and then pass a mile marker that said I’d only gone 3 miles!  

     I kept going, however, and was surprised to see that I was able to go at an even faster pace than I had anticipated.  But by mile 10, my legs were really starting to ache.  I felt like I had bricks weighing down the lower half of me, and I so badly wanted to be at the finish line.  I actually thought about walking for a bit, just to give my throbbing legs a tiny break.  My competitive side took the reigns, though, and I opted against that plan.  I motored on for the next 3 miles and even found some hidden oomph somewhere deep inside me to kick it into a sprint during the last stretch to the finish line. Hallelujah and holy crap!  You have no idea how happy I was to be done!

     I have no idea how I did it, but I somehow managed to beat my time for the last half marathon I did.  Please don’t get me wrong — I’m not trying to toot my own horn here.  I am more shocked than anything else, especially given the circumstances.  Maybe I should just stay up all night before every race I decide to do!    Have I found the secret to success?  Judging from the way I feel today, I would have to say probably not.  I am stiff and sore and hobbling like an old lady. So, when I went to the grocery store this morning and was asked to not only show my i.d. to purchase a bottle of wine but also to remove it from my wallet because the cashier didn’t believe that I was old enough, I had to just laugh to myself.  If he only knew….


7 Responses

  1. what an awesome accomplishment. You set such a great example for your kids. And, I’m certain you have a very proud husband 😉

  2. proud of you!
    and boo to insomnia!!! It seems the more worried I am that I will wake up late for something, the more likely I am to not get any sleep at all. 😦

  3. How wonderful!! (I should have read this one first!) You certainly demonstrated a great deal of perserverance!!! I guess that has been a lesson you have learned/demonstrated over the past 6+ years!!! I know you have had many days you have perservered through a variety of trials/tribulations!! Congratulations!! Well Done, Girlfriend! Good Job!
    Love You!

    • Thank you very much! I was pretty happy (and very surprised!) with how it all turned out! Yes, I have certainly had my fair share of tribulations, haven’t I?! I guess we all have…. Thanks again! 🙂

  4. I don’t know how you do it! I struggle to push myself to walk a couple miles each morning (and believe me it doesn’t happen every morning).

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