Kumbaya’s Way More Fun With Wine


     Last night, my husband and the kids and I rode our bikes over to watch a little outdoor kids’ concert on the lawn of our library. Families were encouraged to bring over a blanket and a picnic dinner to listen to some fun, interactive tunes.  I honestly had no idea what to expect and really didn’t have that high of hopes.  I mean, how good could a FREE concert at the library really be?  And, thank God I didn’t get too jazzed up about it, because it was one of those ear-screeching experiences that I couldn’t wait to end.    

     After gulping down our dinner, the kids were ready to boogy and get crazy.  Some of their friends had also shown up, which only added more fuel to their already hyper fire.  At first the singer was very lively, encouraging all the kids to join in with the hand motions to the songs and even to dance if they wanted.  There were a decent amount of people in attendance, so my kids and their buddies decided to dance their way on up to the front. They parked themselves front and center and truly had the time of their lives. They were jumping up and down and laughing and singing — all things you would think would be flattering to the performer, right? Well, not this lady.  She actually used the freaking microphone to ask them to sit down so that other kids could see!   Did I mention that this was a very informal outdoor KIDS’ CONCERT??!!  And do you recall that she did, in fact, invite the kids to join in??!!  I was thoroughly confused, as were the kids.

     From that point on, the whole mood of the concert changed.  She started singing really dark, loud songs about whining kids and temper tantrums. It was literally almost as if she was yelling at us.  Everyone just kinda sat there and stared at her in awe.  I think I only saw one kid toward the back of the crowd who was up and dancing, and that was only because he was too little to know any better.  The singer had managed to turn the whole thing into a major buzz kill.  She must’ve eventually picked up on this, because she then went into a whole “kumbaya” theme.  Hands were swaying, and there was talk of love and peace and rainbows.  I felt like I was at Woodstock for kids and was wondering when someone was gonna start passing around pixie sticks instead of joints. Were we supposed to get naked and roll around in the mud, too?  It was all just a little too hokey for me.

     All in all, the kids ended up having a good time, because, seriously, what do they know?  Did it really even phase them one bit that they were told to sit down and be duds?  No.  Did they care that they had just sat through a shrieking medley of sappy “one love” songs by a slightly off-tune performer? No.  They’re kids, and they know how to put the fun into just about anything.  Next time, I’ll remember to put my own fun into it by bringing some “adult” beverages with me….


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