The Ventriloquist

snin66l      My daughter has become a ventriloquist for my son.  She reads his mind, speaks his thoughts, and answers pretty much any question you might ask him in her presence.  I often think she knows what he wants to say before he even says it.  I guess it’s a twin thing.  While it’s cute and intriguing at first glance, it has become somewhat of a problem for us.  It is what ultimately led to my decision to put them in different classes in school. My son desperately needed the chance to both think and speak for himself, so that he could be his own person. 

     My daughter has always been the dominant personality of the two of them.  She’s been that way ever since her days in the womb.  She was bound and determined to take up every square inch of my uterus, whether my son liked it or not.  Throughout my entire second and third trimesters, I was convinced that there was something terribly wrong with him, because I could only ever feel my daughter kicking and moving around in there. Now, it all makes perfect sense to me. Since she was the first-born by nine minutes, she has decided that this gives her the life-long right to ALWAYS be first at all things concerning her brother.  God love her, but she always wants to be the center of attention and the star of the show.  At the same time, though, she is also very protective of her brother and is almost like a little mother hen to him.  She wants to see him succeed, but he just better not succeed before her!   

         This all started because my son has always been somewhat of a “low talker.”  We are always telling him to enunciate his words and to speak up. He is such a mumbler half the time that it’s enough to make you want to bang your head against the wall.  Since my daughter is usually in closer proximity to him, she will often try to tell me what he’s saying.  And he’s such a laid-back little guy that he usually just lets her do all the talking. I guess he figures, why bother wasting that extra energy if someone else is gonna do it for him?  The issue, though, is that we want to hear the words coming out of his own mouth.  Whenever I pick them up from school, or now days from camp, I have to establish designated speaking times to hear about the events of their day. Otherwise, my daughter will take it upon herself to tell me anything and everything that both she AND my son did the whole day.  She just can’t seem to help herself — the girl loves to yap.

     While I hope that my twins always remain the best of buddies, I do hope that my son can develop more of his own voice the older that he gets.  His sister will always have his back, that’s for sure.  I just hope that she has it in the sense of sticking up for him, rather than as the control panel for her own little puppet show.


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