The Furry Vest


     Most kids, particularly girls, tend to have a favorite item of clothing. They want to wear it every single day, regardless of whether it fits them or has a zillion holes in it from one too many washings. My daughter’s favorite thing in her closet is a furry vest that I think very much resembles a dead squirrel.

     Late last summer when my mom was in town for a visit, she wanted to buy the kids a back-to-school outfit, so we headed over to Gapkids at the mall.  She happened to point out this brown furry vest to my daughter, who instantly fell in love at first sight.  It was clearly a fall/winter piece of clothing, but nevertheless, my daughter immediately slipped the thing over her sundress and pranced around the store modeling it.  Even though it was pretend fur, I could just imagine someone dumping red paint on her as she walked down the sidewalk someday.  I had to then bear witness to all kinds of begging and pleading from my daughter who wanted nothing more than for me or her Grammy to buy the vest for her.  One of us (I can’t remember who) eventually gave in, the suckers that we are, and my daughter was then the proud owner of  her very own fashionably fake road-kill vest.

     Throughout the entire winter, I constantly had to battle my daughter over this thing.  She wanted to wear the vest every other day.  Her favorite teacher at school had complimented her on it one time, so from that moment on, she was determined to show it off as much as possible.  I was so sick of seeing it by the time Spring finally rolled around.  I thought I had finally seen the last of it — at least until this morning, that is.

     I was racing through my shower in hopes of finishing before the kids woke up, when my daughter pounced into my bathroom.  She loudly announced that she had peed her bed and needed some dry clothes.  I told her to clean herself off with wipes and to pick a t-shirt out of her closet to wear.  I was almost ready to grab my towel and get out of the shower, when my daughter strolled into the bathroom once again, wearing nothing but that brown furry vest and a great big smile on her face.  We’re talking buck naked, with the exception of the vest! I told her I thought she might be a little hot, given the fact that it is MID-JULY!!!  She said she wanted to wear it to eat her breakfast, so I told her that at the very least, she needed to put on some underwear.  

     Luckily, she got hot and decided to change into her pink Minnie Mouse t-shirt instead.  And now, the furry vest is once again tucked away in her closet, ready to make its next surprise appearance at any given moment.  I just hope any future ensembles come complete with pants….


6 Responses

  1. What is it with kids liking to be naked? Wyatt recently greeted my husband’s poker group buck naked and proceeded to hang out and watch them play for a while. Luckily, the guys all have kids and thought it was pretty darn funny. Even a fur vest would have been an improvement – well maybe not!

    • I’m surprised the other guys didn’t follow suit & turn it into a game of naked poker. 🙂

  2. That is too funny. A few years ago, I had to convince my best-friend’s daughter (1st grade at the time) that miniskirts were inappropriate for winter wear in Utah. Her mom had no luck getting her to wear pants. I finally got her to take it off and put on some leggings from my daughter (her best friend). She decided that the leggings were ok (not much warmer but better than bare legs I decided), so I went out and bought four pairs of different colors and brought them to her mom.

    And to think, I used to like “Punky Brewster”….that is until I had kids who decided what they wanted to wear.

    • Oooh, I loved Punky Brewster too! Fortunately, my daughter almost always lets me pick out her clothes. The furry vest was the first thing she REALLY became passionate about. I’m gonna milk this control I have over wardrobe selection for as long as I can. I know she’ll be wanting to dress like a hoochie mama soon enough…. 🙂

  3. That is why when the little girls have an outfit that has worn out its welcome, we take it away and put it in the yard sale/give away bag down in the basement.

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