Mama. Needs. Sleep.

     Yesterday I think I must’ve been running solely on auto pilot.  I was still exhausted from all the weekend’s activities (AKA:  hosting a crapload of people in my backyard), so I think it’s pretty fair to say that I was a bit spacey, to say the least.  I thought a trip to the beach with the kids would be a good way to pass the time.  I got us all packed up with snacks, towels, and toys. Unfortunately, though, I forgot to pack my brain.  

     When we arrived at the beach, I realized that I had grabbed the wrong beach bag.  And, also at about that same time, I got a call from a good friend who needed to vent.  She always does the same for me whenever I’m having a rotten day, so of course I’m always willing to reciprocate.  As I was allowing her to get a load off her chest, I searched the bag only to find that our beach passes didn’t appear to be anywhere in it.  My friend said she needed to call me back, so I took the kids up to the beach office to see if they could look us up in their system to see that we do have passes.  My kids were getting antsy as we stood there waiting for the guy to make the call to the park district to check us out.  He finally gave us wristbands and sent us on our way, as my kids bitched and moaned about who had to carry the bag of beach toys.  We waddled through the sand until we found a good spot.  I plopped the beach bag down and unzipped the little inside pocket to tuck away my cell phone and keys.  But then what to my wondering eyes did appear?  Why, the envelope with all of our beach passes, of course!  I had the damn thing with me all along! I guess I got distracted with the phone call.

     Then, I happened to notice that my son was still in his underwear and shorts. I had meant to change him into a bathing suit before we left the house, but I guess I forgot!  At least I had managed to lather him up with sunscreen.  The only problem was that he was wearing white shorts, which are now most likely stained yellow from all the sunscreen.  Smooth move, slick!  Luckily, the little guy could’ve cared less.  In fact, he thought it was hysterical that he was wearing underwear full of sand. That’s the great thing about kids — when life hands them lemons, they are more than happy to make lemonade!

     The rest of the afternoon at the beach turned out to be pretty enjoyable.  I was so looking forward to collapsing into my bed last night and trying to catch up on all my lost zzz’s.  However, my body had different plans, and I randomly woke up at 3:30 this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I think I may need a co-pilot today, because even my auto-pilot seems to be sleep-deprived….



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