Bite Me


     I absolutely LOVE summer!  I love going to the beach, wearing flip flops, and hanging out in the backyard with the kids.  One thing, however, that goes along hand in hand with summer is the invasion of the mosquitos.  I am almost always attacked by the little suckers, and my poor kids, it seems, are taking right after me.  I guess we’ve just got really sweet tasting blood or something.  This year, I am becoming convinced that the world’s entire mosquito population has decided to congregate in and around our particular house.

     Every time my kids walk out the door anymore, they are instantly bitten by a mosquito or two.  And, lately, it seems that every time they wake up in the morning, they’ve added another bite or two to their expansive collection.  I have checked every square inch of their bedrooms and can’t find a single bug, dead or alive.  I don’t get it!  As much as I hate to use the stuff, I’ve been spraying them from head to toe with Off when they go outside.  I don’t know what’s worse, the potential dangers of that Deet stuff inside the spray or being eaten alive by the damn mosquitos.

     And each bite they have tends to swell into a REALLY red and REALLY large bump. They’re even getting bitten on their little faces! My daughter has a ginormous bump on her cheek, and my son has two massive ones right on his forehead.  And of course, they are whining and complaining incessantly about how badly they itch.  I listen to it ALL DAY LONG!  And telling them not to scratch is like telling a dog not to pee on a fire hydrant.  I’ve tried everything to make the itching a little less irritating for them — I’ve applied hydrocortisone cream, dabbed on Calamine Lotion, blew on them, and even put the old handy dandy “x” on the bites with my fingernails. Nothing makes it better.  I’m at my wit’s end.

     I’m wondering if the neighbors would think it’s weird to see my kids running around in the backyard wearing mosquito nets.  I’ve run out of options at this point, and I can’t very well keep them indoors all summer — we’d all end up killing each other.  So, to the little buggers who are literally sucking the fun out of our summer, can you please just buzz off already??!!


2 Responses

  1. have you seen the ads for those clip-on mosquito repellants? They are made by Off I believe? They are not the ones that supposedly omit some sort of high pitch noise, but I think they have cintronella in them or something like that. They just clip on clothing. Might be worth a try rather than the spray stuff. I haven’t found them yet, but I hate that spray stuff too.

    • I’ll have to look for those mosquito things. I might start wearing them myself! Nothing like the smell of citronella to set the mood! 🙂

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