Lemolade Stand

jkn0305l     My daughter has been bugging me for weeks to have a lemonade stand, so I finally let her set up shop this past weekend.  I had stopped at the grocery to buy cups and pink lemonade and to get a bunch of ones and quarters while the kids were in camp on Friday morning.  So, when they came home, I announced the big surprise and watched my daughter jump up and down with excitement.  My son, as expected, didn’t really get too hot and bothered, because he only really ever has the Wii on the brain anymore.  I forewarned him that if he didn’t help to sell the lemonade, he wouldn’t be able to actually share in the profits.  It made no matter to him, though.  He was all about getting in his daily allotment of video game time.     

     My daughter immediately got busy making a rather cryptic-looking sign to advertise her product, making the “M” and the “N” in the word “LEMONADE” super tall and super skinny and with the lightest colored crayon she could possibly find.  It would’ve been next to impossible for anyone to actually see what the sign said.  Oh well, I figured people would get the jist of it.  We’ve only ever had one other lemonade stand in the past, and my daughter literally yelled “LEMONADE” at the top of her lungs throughout the duration of the entire thing, only, back then, she couldn’t pronounce the “N” in the word.  So, she was walking up and down the sidewalk yelling, “LEMOLADE” over and over again.    

     We dragged the little card table and chairs up from the basement, attached my daughter’s indecipherable sign, and positioned it on the corner sidewalk in front of our house.  I gave her a shoebox with six dollars in quarters to start with.  She was finally ready to bring in the big bucks. Unfortunately, we picked a rather dead part of the afternoon to have a lemonade stand, and most of our neighbors were either at work, at camp or at the pool.  I must’ve explained this fact to my daughter about two hundred times.  She was beyond bummed that she wasn’t just raking in the dough.  Some of the cars that drove by seemed to be either in a big hurry or just completely in their own little world.  I was beginning to get frustrated with people, because it is just a general rule of thumb that you should ALWAYS make a point of stopping at a lemonade stand.  Didn’t anybody read “Life’s Little Instruction Book”??!!  I will say, though, that the few people who stopped at first, were more than generous, giving her a whole dollar for a twenty-five cent cup of lemonade.  After about an hour or so, some of the neighborhood kids finally started coming around, and we ended up going through four pitchers of lemonade!  I even talked my son into coming out and getting in on the action after a while.

     All in all, they made a total of about $14 dollars.  Two of those dollars were mine, though, since I let them keep some of the change they started with.  I had to remind my son again that he wasn’t going to get to keep as much as my daughter.  She was the one who worked the hardest and, therefore, deserved the most money.  Surprisingly, he easily accepted this, and the two of them happily raced upstairs to stuff their piggy banks.  I would say that the lemonade stand was an overall success.  Seeing how people respond to two cute little kids selling something on the corner makes me wonder if I need to start peddling more often.  Maybe I should park them on a corner every weekend — we do need a new sofa, oven, washer, dryer, etc. Hmmmmm……


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