Me And My Shadow

me and my shadow     My kids had their first day of camp yesterday, and when they came home, they were beyond beat.  I tried to talk them into meeting some friends at the beach for a bit, but they wanted nothing to do with that plan.  So, my son opted for the cool air-conditioned house and the Wii, and my daughter opted for following me around like a lost puppy dog.  I needed to plant flowers in the backyard, so I decided to ask my daughter if she wanted to help me.  Now, it must be noted that my daughter LOVES helping others.  However, her idea of “helping” is a lot different than my idea of helping.  

     It all started out well, with her helping me pull the mangled-looking pansies out of their planters.  She’s very into collecting flower petals that she can press in one of her books in her room, so she was psyched to add some pansy petals to her collection.  She must have about a trillion dried-up petals by now.  It was then time to add some more soil to all the pots, which was right up her alley. The kid loves to dig in dirt.  The problem was that her aim is not quite the best, and rather than adding more soil to the pots, she, instead, added more soil to the ground and everything BUT the planters.  Another mess to clean up — just what I needed.  I had to just grin and bear it, though, because after all, she was just trying to spend time with me and help.

     Next came time to put in the new flowers.  This was all fine and dandy until we came to the last window box on the garage.  It’s located above a bush that seems to be the party spot for all the bees, and my daughter absolutely flipped her lid.  For some reason, she is completely TERRIFIED of bees this year.  Every single thing that buzzes by her head is assumed to be a big, bad bee, causing her to scream bloody murder and cower behind me in fear.  It could be the world’s smallest living gnat, and she will go ballistic, thinking it’s going to sting every square inch of her little body.  The crazy thing is that her brother is the one who’s been stung twice by bees and could care less about bugs whizzing past him.  It’s like my daughter’s decided to be scared for the both of them or something.  

     After calming down Miss Paranoid and cleaning up the dirt garden she created, we finally got all the flowers planted and watered.  And they look pretty darn good, if I don’t say so myself!  I felt guilty for being annoyed with my daughter, because I know she just wants to do whatever she can to hang out with me.  Guess when you’re a parent, you get more than one shadow — in my case, I have three….


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