Who’s Your Daddy?


     It’s Daddy’s Day, and my kids have been forewarned that they need to be on their best behavior and have lots of hugs and kisses ready for disposal at any given moment.  I’ve been talking to them about how lucky they are to have a daddy who GENUINELY likes to do things with them. Even though my husband’s job keeps him away from home a lot through the week, I want them to appreciate all the time they do get to spend together.

     In honor of all the zillions of things they do with their dad, the kids and I worked all week putting together a photo collage of their adventures with Daddy. (Well, it was more like me organizing, cutting, and pasting, while the kids “supervised” my efforts.)  I also wrote a poem about all of the fun things they get to do with their dad and attached it in the middle of all the photos.  The kids were so excited to give it to him, that they couldn’t even hold out until today. They gave it to him last night, as soon as we walked in the door from our seven hour car ride home from the grandparents’.  He loved it and was more than touched by all the heart and soul that went into it.  

     I’ve also been trying to get the kids to think of a special way we can spend the day today to honor their dad.  For some reason unbeknownst to me, they have their minds set on going to this bar and grill in our neighborhood that they’ve maybe been to one time in their short lives. They can’t tell you a thing about the place, so I have no idea where this idea even came from.  The only thing I can get out of them is that they like the name of the restaurant.  It has the word “blue” in it, and my son says that’s his favorite color.  I wish decision making was that simple for me!

     So, I guess we’re going to celebrate by going to the “blue” restaurant today, and letting Papa Nucking Futs call the shots from there.  All I’ve asked is for them to please try and be good.  So far, though, my daughter has completely dissected her donut into a thousand crumbs all over the floor, and my son has spilled an entire cup of milk — not necessarily off to the best start….


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