Evil Knievel & The Big Wheel


     By the time we leave Grammy’s house, my son will most likely be covered in bandaids from head to toe.  The child has managed to add a new boo-boo to his ever-growing collection multiple times a day since the day we got here.  I think he’s forgotten that for him, shorts + concrete = recipe for disaster.

     His first major scrape came from a fall he took while out on a neighborhood stroll.  You see, sometimes his feet just get going faster than the rest of him, and he just trips right over them.  That resulted in a nasty abrasion on his left knee.  This accident was soon followed by a couple of backyard incidents in which he got a little too up-close-and-personal with some rather large stepping stones.  The good news was that his right knee then matched his left.

     His most damaging smash-up came from his misadventures with the Big Wheel.  (It should be noted that he really ought to be banned for life from riding the Big Wheel, especially with all the hills around my parents’ house.)  Even though he insisted he could maneuver his way down the hilly sidewalk without crashing, I knew in my heart of hearts that all would not end well.  His track record should speak for itself.  And as I predicted, he transformed into Evil Knievel and got completely out of control.  He ended up spinning sideways into some sort of somersault-type move and scraped the whole side of his leg and foot.  An “I told you so” would have been a complete waste of breath at this point, so I didn’t even bother.  I just soothed and hugged and did what moms do.  We finally made our way back to Grammy’s house, broken Big Wheel pedal and battered boy in tow.

     My son may very well not be recognizable when we finally return home.  He already looks like he’s been through World War III.  However, he can tell you exactly where each boo-boo came from, so maybe they can be like souvenirs of all the fun times he had at Grammy’s.  🙂


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