Road Block

jdin30l[1]     Last night I took the kids to visit a childhood friend of mine.  She lives way out in the country, and let’s just say that I’m not the best when it comes to directions.  I was very proud of myself to make it all the way there without any major glitches, but the return trip, however, was an entirely different story.  We didn’t leave her house until dark, and my eyes are not what they used to be after the sun goes down.

     My husband called my cell as soon as we left her house, which completely distracted me from my GPS system in the car.  After driving twenty minutes completely out of the way, I realized that absolutely NOTHING looked even remotely familiar to me, even in the dark.  I had to do a U-turn and backtrack until I was close to civilization again.  When we finally got close to my parents’ house, I came to a “road closed” sign less than five minutes from their neighborhood.  Now, I KNOW I have gone around these type of barricades at night in the past, without any type of consequences whatsoever.  This, however, was not to be my lucky night.  As soon as I got to the end of the road block and saw that I would have to completely turn around to get out of it, I noticed the red and blue flashing lights in my rearview mirror.  Awesome.

     My kids, of course, were thrilled at this turn of events.  A real, live sheriff was walking up to OUR car!  Lucky me!  I immediately apologized and tried to explain that I’m from out of town and didn’t realize that I couldn’t get through the road block.  I mean, I feel like I look like a pretty honest person, and, seriously, I had two kids in the back seat at 10:00 at night with OUT OF STATE license plates, for cripe’s sakes!  Unfortunately for me, though, he claimed that the neighbors have all been complaining about this very thing and that he would get in trouble if he didn’t give me the ticket.  No matter how much I tried to bat my eyes or look pathetic, he wasn’t budging.  He tried to give the kids some stupid sheriff’s badge stickers to make up for it.  They, nor I, were the least bit impressed.  How ’bout you take those stickers AND your stinkin’ ticket and shove them up your…ASSinine — the whole thing was just asinine. 

     So, my visit with my childhood friend didn’t exactly end on the best note.  I came home with a hell of a lot less gas in the car, two very sleepy kids, a very unfair ticket, and one pissed off attitude.  Not really what I’d had in mind when I’d set out to have a fun, relaxing evening, reminiscing about the good old days….


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