Entertain Me

I'm bored[1]     After our horrendous road trip to the grandparents’ house, the first day of the trip didn’t pan out to be much better.  Normally, when we are here, my kids can pretty much always find something to do, since my parents have stocked their house FULL of toys.  This time, however, my daughter, in particular, could not stay entertained by anything for longer than five minutes.  It was much more fun to follow me around and whine about being bored.  And since both grandparents had to work, I had the great honor of heading up the entertainment committee for the entire morning and afternoon.  

     Luckily, my son has been in seventh heaven since we got here, thanks to the Atari and Spongebob video games his Grammy bought.  The child literally has holed himself up in the guest bedroom to play for as long as we will let him.  The bad thing about this is that my daughter has now lost her built-in playmate.  So, to preoccupy her, I think I must’ve pulled out every single toy, puzzle, game and art project I could possibly find, only to have her get bored with it after just a few minutes.  It was a true test of this mama’s patience level.

     I then decided to try some outdoor activities by pulling out all the outside toys to the backyard.  When I had finally gotten my daughter settled in the sandbox, I went to open the back door and discovered that we had locked ourselves out of the house.  I knocked and knocked on the back door to absolutely no avail, because my son was completely zoned out in video la-la land.  Even ringing the doorbell was a total waste of time.  Thank goodness my parents have a ranch-style home, because I had to actually bang on the guest bedroom windows and yell his name for him to finally acknowledge me.  By the time I got in the house and unlocked the back door, my daughter had naturally decided that she didn’t want to play in the backyard anymore.  I thought I would scream. 

     I was so relieved when my parents finally got home from work.  My dog and pony show had run its couse. The reinforcements had arrived, and I happily passed over the torch.


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