Road Trips + Us = Bad News


     Well, as you may have noticed, I didn’t get around to adding an additional post yesterday.  Our road trip was such a long and grueling event, that I couldn’t muster up the energy to do much of anything.  After the normal six hour trip turned into well over a seven hour one, my brain was pretty much fried by the time we rolled into the grandparents’ driveway last night.

     Luckily, my daughter was pretty content watching movies the whole way down.  The girl would happily be a couch potato if I would let her.  My son, on the other hand, decided that he had no interest in the dvd player.  Instead, he wanted to play Uno and complained the entire time because I wouldn’t play with him.  I tried my damnedest to explain that it was next to impossible for Mama to “draw four” while manning a speeding vehicle down the interstate at 70 mph. 

     In addition, my kids started asking me about an hour into the trip if we were almost there and proceeded to ask me that same question every ten minutes for the next six hours.  And when I would give them an ETA, they would moan and groan and carry on about that being too long to wait.  It made for such soothing background noise in the car, let me tell ya.

     And when we stopped for gas or bathroom breaks, I tried explaining that the faster we were in and out, the faster we’d get to Grammy’s.  I might as well have been talking to a tree though, because each stop grew longer and longer.  One particular McDonald’s stop turned into almost a thirty minute ordeal.  After both kids and I had used the bathroom, we got all the way to the car before my daughter decided to announce that she now needed to poop.  After we trekked all the way back to the restrooms, I felt a Diet Coke was in order.  I saw that the line was from hell inside and opted to go to the drive-thru instead.  After waiting ten more minutes in the drive-thru lane, I got my drink and finally got back on the road again.  When I took that long-awaited first sip, I felt the steam coming out of my ears.  They had given me a regular Coke instead of a diet.  Figures. 

     As if all this wasn’t enough, I also had to deal with my twins taking turns telling me who was feeling car sick — seven hours of wondering who was going to puke first!  My daughter ended up being the winner of this race, ten minutes from our final destination.  Thank God I had a plastic sack in the car, because she was able to manage to get it all in the bag.  I then had to pull off the road ONCE AGAIN to throw away the puke bag and give us all some fresh air. 

     I was so glad to finally arrive at my parents’ house, even if it was over an hour later than I had planned.  My back was in a bazillion knots and my eyes were somewhat cross-eyed, but I was so relieved to no longer be trapped in that box on four wheels.  I’ve decided that my husband is going to have to move down here if he wants to see us again, because I don’t think I’m mentally prepared to do it all again in eight days….


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  1. Hey this was nothing compared to the 14 hrs. I spent in the car with your Mother and Patsy. Your Mother does not like to travel in a car and ask more times than I can count if we were there yet. And Patsy had the same conversation over and over and over again, going and coming home. They both picked on me the whole way. I was a total wreck when we got to Geneva and was in worse shape when we got back home. But all in all I’m very glad we went and we all had a great time.

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