So Much To Do, So Little Time


     Today’s post is, unfortunately, going to have to be a short one. This is the kids’ last official day of school, although I’d hardly even call it a day when they only go for an hour and a half.  I just dropped them off, and I’m gonna have to turn right back around and get them. As emotional and mentally exhausted as I am with this being the last time I ever drop them off at kindergarten <wipe tear>, I should’ve just stayed there and waited. We are then headed down to the grandparents’ house for a week-long visit. My husband will not be going, so I have the extreme pleasure of road tripping solo with two kids, both of whom, as you might recall, tend to get car sick.  I’m praying that the gods are on my side, and we don’t have an explosion of puke or a poop in the pants to freshen the air in the car for a six hour drive.  If I haven’t lost my mind somewhere along the highway, I will try to post another entry, chalked full of the oh-so exciting details of our trip.  Stay tuned….


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