Picky Picky

dcr0705l     My son is quite possibly the world’s pickiest eater.  He has always been a challenge when it comes to food, but I swear he decides on more and more things he dislikes the older he gets.  The menu selection in my house seems to be dwindling down to nothing.  I’m pretty sure he’d do quite well in jail with bread and water being the only choices.  

     One of the foods that he dislikes is pizza, which completely perplexes me.  How can you NOT like pizza??!!  I’d eat it every night if I could!  He claims that he doesn’t like the sauce, even though he’s never even attempted to taste it. Oddly enough, we still have pizza and movie night every Friday and just give him the pieces that are mostly crust.  If there’s even the slightest bit of red on it, he complains.  I’ve finally figured out to tell him that it’s just “dark cheese” if a little sauce just so happens to be on his crust pieces.  

     He’s also not a big meat eater and only started eating hamburgers within the past year or so.  My daughter, on the other hand, is a serious carnivore. So, when we used to go out to dinner, we’d order one cheeseburger for the two of them and give my daughter the burger and my son the bun.  It was quite economical!  

     And even within the short list of things that he actually WILL eat, he will all of a sudden out of the blue decide that he doesn’t like something.  Like yesterday, he decided that he doesn’t like sugar cookies anymore.  Again, what child does not like SUGAR cookies??!!  I have given up trying to understand his peculiar palette.

     Thank goodness the child is a big fruit lover, because the only vegetables he’ll really eat are carrots.  He used to eat peas, but now those are out, as well.  He would eat grapes all day long if we’d let him.  He’d fit in quite well with my dream of living on a vineyard someday.

     I certainly hope his finicky eating habits are something that he outgrows in time.  I keep popping him multi-vitamins and pushing as much milk on him as I can in the meantime.  Luckily, his growth doesn’t seem to be affected by his freaky food choices because he grows like a weed and is hungry pretty much all the time.  Someday, he’ll be kicking himself for not taking advantage of those sugar cookies and pizza while he had the chance.


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  1. Our 12 year old eats tacos (meat and cheese only with sour cream and taco sauce on the side for dipping-yes dipping the taco), pizza (cheese only), pop-tarts, spaghetti noodles with plain tomato sauce but no meat (unless it’s taco meat-go figure). It absolutely drives me insane! At least she’s quit complaining and will eat a little of what we fix for dinner. The problem is she’s starting to influence the 6 year old, who now always finds something she doesn’t like on her plate. We’re not giving in though, we make her eat some of it. I’ve told the 12 year old at least she’ll be a cheap date when she gets older – the only place she’ll ever want to go to dinner will be Taco Bell.

    • Mr. Nucking Futs would love to take her on a date! That’s his favorite place on earth! 🙂

  2. Little Bear is a huge picky eater too! I think I was when I was a kid, also… I seem to remember that I hated pizza, cheeseburgers, tacos, salad, and other things. After a while I would eat just cheese pizza, or burgers with no cheese or ketchup,or salad with no dressing. But now I’ll eat ANYTHING and I get so frustrated when Little Bear won’t eat! Weird, isn’t it?

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