My Son, The Flirt


      So it seems that my daughter is not the only one who is learning how to flirt these days.  Lately, my son is also getting in on the action. All of a sudden, he’s looking at the girls who’ve always been around him in a whole new light.  

     It’s so funny to me how differently girls and boys flirt.  At this age, my son basically just picks at girls to get their attention.  He grabs their shirt, pulls their pony tail, or steals their shoe — anything to get them to chase him.  He does all of these things all while laughing hysterically at their frustration.  

     At my daughter’s soccer game yesterday, he was running up and down the side of the field throughout the entire game giggling and yelling out to girls on the team.  You would’ve thought he was the team cheerleader or something.  And when the girls came together for a huddle on the sidelines with their coach, my son was right there in the middle of them, trying to distract his favorite players.  We had to remind him several times that the girls needed to pay attention to the coach and not to him and his one-man show.

     It’s actually a relief to see my son finally coming out of his shell. Even though he’s pretty much always talked a mile a minute at home and around family, he used to be EXTREMELY shy and hide behind my back around new people, whether they were adults or kids.  His preschool teachers wondered if he could talk at all because it took him almost an entire year to even speak to them.  Now, he’s so much more out-going and willing to talk to people.  In fact, he often doesn’t STOP talking!    

     So, now I guess we’ve got two little flirts in our house.  From what I hear, this fascination lasts a little while longer and then they go back to thinking the opposite sex is gross again for a while.  I’m going to appreciate the innocence of it all while it lasts, because I know that puberty is looming before us.  For now, I’ll just be happy with shoe-stealing and teasing….


2 Responses

  1. with his looks he won’t need to put that effort out when he’s older… The girls will b chasing him& he might just be hiding behind u again 🙂

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