Graduation Day, Continued….

     Well, kindergarten graduation could not have been cuter!  All the kids had permanent grins plastered on their faces and seemed to be bursting with pride. To say that they were excited would be a severe understatement.

     Because my twins are in separate classrooms, it was a bit chaotic trying to bounce back and forth between the two rooms, but we managed to make it work.  We went to my son’s classroom first, where he immediately presented me with a tissue paper corsage that he’d made for me.  Even though it was incredibly HUGE and felt somewhat like a third boob, I proudly wore it on my sweater for the duration of the morning.  My daughter very sweetly gave hers to my mother-in-law.  We kicked off the celebration with an ice cream social, giving every kid a chance to drip chocolate all down their adorable little outfits.  Next, each child was presented with a “diploma” and given the opportunity to shake hands, high-five, or hug the teacher.  As expected, almost every girl gave a hug and every boy a high-five.  I had requested that the teachers somehow stagger the presenting of the “diplomas” so that we wouldn’t have to miss one of the twins’ big moments.  The finale of the morning came in the form of a performance of the song “New York, New York” in which they’d changed the words to “First Grade, First Grade.”  They sang their little hearts out and even had hand motions to go along with it.  

     As I sat there and watched these amazing little people before me, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to laugh or cry, so, naturally, I did both. To add even more emotion to the whole ordeal, my daughter had lost another tooth last night, so watching that little gap-toothed mouth sing with such oomph was enough to just completely melt my heart. And then I glanced over to see my son concentrating so hard on his words and his movements that you would’ve thought he was on American Idol.  He was putting on the show of his life.  I couldn’t help but think about how much I simply adore this age. It was definitely one of those moments you just want to freeze-frame forever. Luckily, we videotaped almost every single minute, so we can do just that….



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