Night Owl


     My son does everything in his power to avoid going to sleep at night.  I think he is going to be our little night owl in the family.  It’s like he suddenly gets a second wind and has a ridiculous amount of energy that he needs to expend, all at a time when I’m ready for him to be completely out of my sight.  

     One of his many stalling techniques involves the bathroom.  He’s so sneaky about it now, that we often don’t even hear the pitter patter of his little feet down the hallway anymore.  We’ll just happen to run upstairs for something and find him hanging out on the toilet or hiding in the bathtub. Just last night when I went up to check on a noise that I thought I’d heard, I found him standing in the bathroom with his pointer finger in his mouth. When I asked why his finger was in his mouth, his response was, “Because I want it to be.”  (I guess you shouldn’t ask the question if you don’t want to hear the answer.)  Since normal people don’t typically stand in the middle of the bathroom sucking their fingers at 9:00 at night, I knew something was up. Turns out he was eating toothpaste!  I didn’t even bother asking why but instead gave a lecture about how toothpaste isn’t the best late-night snack choice and promptly led him back to bed.

     Another one of his stalling techniques involves quietly “reading” in his room when he’s supposed to be sleeping.  We’ve often gone in to check on him to find him huddled under the covers with his little battery-powered lantern and a stack of books.  Even though he is only just beginning to REALLY read, he’s still looking at the pictures and trying to piece together the words.  I’m a huge fan of children’s books and firmly believe in encouraging my kids to hone their reading skills.  However, I just wish my son would choose to work on them during the light of day!

     This is why my son will never be one of those lucky kids who gets to have their bedroom in the basement.  I can’t even imagine the things he would choose to do as a teenager to avoid going to sleep. No, I think we’ll keep him safely tucked away, just down the hallway from our bedroom. I’d rather be annoyed as hell that he’s still awake than be annoyed as hell that he’s snuck out of the house.


3 Responses

  1. Probably a wise choice. My kids try the bathroom tactics too. But mostly they like to all get in the same bed (yes 3 kids in a queen size bed–move them as you might, they’ll just sneak back)…and then talk til the wee hours.

    • Are they getting into your bed? I have to say we’ve been very fortunate that they haven’t ever really been into that here at our house. They just like to scream our names at the top of our lungs until we come to their rooms! Not really sure that’s any better! In fact, when we first transitioned them to their “big beds” from their cribs, it was at Christmastime & I’d told them that Santa would take their beds back to the North Pole if they didn’t stay in them. For the longest time, they wouldn’t dare get out of their beds at all. Hence, the screaming bloody murder for us. Not really the outcome I was hoping for when I concocted that whole plan. Oh well, I’ve just surrendered to the fact that I’m going to be tired for the next 15 or so years…..

  2. No, not my bed. I had bought a queen size bed for a guest room because my sister was coming. After she left, and my youngest kept climbing into bed with her older sister, I just put the queen size bed in my oldest daughter’s room and turned the guest room into a playroom. (even though my vote was for a craft room). Now their brother comes in from his room and sleeps at the foot of their bed. I would separate them, but they sleep fine this way for now.

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