Mommy Trumps Daddy


     You would think as much as my kids are with me, that they’d pass on any extra opportunities to tag along with me.  However, it turns out to be quite the opposite.  If they ever have a choice to pick hanging out with me over hanging out with my husband, they will pick me nine times out of ten.  It makes me feel a little bad for my husband, because he doesn’t get to see them as much as me and loves to spend time with them.  They are truly mama’s babies, though, through and through.

     Just this past weekend, my husband was desperately trying to talk my daughter into going with him to run a couple of errands.  He begged and pleaded and even promised her a lollipop in exchange for her company. Although reluctantly, she finally gave in and went with him.  Later that very same day, I asked her if she wanted to come with me and didn’t even get a chance to tell her where we were going before she let out a very enthusiastic “YES!!!!”  

     It’s the same scenario with other little things like brushing my twins’ teeth at night.  For whatever reason, they ALWAYS prefer that I brush their teeth over my husband.  I don’t get it either, because my husband uses the half-ass super-quick lickity split method, whereas I take my time and make sure to get all the teeth, top AND bottom.  I would think they would feel the need, the need for speed.  But, no, they would rather argue over who gets Mommy to brush their teeth.  

     Now, don’t get me wrong — I LOVE that they LOVE being with me more than anyone in their little worlds.  I know this won’t last forever, and they’ll soon be asking me to pick them up around the corner so no one sees them with me.  I just know that it hurts their daddy sometimes when they are so eager to pick me over him.  What can I say, though…I guess they just love me — they REALLY REALLY love me!


2 Responses

  1. Cute cartoon! My kids (teens) think of their dad as the “fun parent.” He travels extensively on business so when he is home he never wants to discipline. That means I have to be the meany when he’s gone .. AND when he’s home. No fair!

  2. My youngest tolerates my presence til Daddy gets home. She’ll fake enthusiasm for shopping or running errands with me, but the change in her face is apparent when Dad picks her up or asks if we want to join him for lunch. I think it’s pretty funny.

    The only exception is if she is extremely tired or if she gets hurt. Then it’s “Daddy who?”

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