They’re On To Me!


     I’m beginning to think that my twins are suddenly on to me.  The older they get, the more they see through things and understand way more than I anticipate.  Kindergarten has definitely opened their eyes to the world around them, and, if you ask me, they’re getting too smart for MY own good!

     Now that they are more aware of the concept of time, my standard “just a minute” phrase has taken on a whole new meaning.  I used to be able to throw out that phrase as a distraction tactic, whereby they would become involved in something else and forget about what they wanted me to do.  Lately, though, any time I say that to my son, he will literally stand there and count to sixty.  He totally calls my bluff!  

     My husband and I also used to be able to spell a lot of words that we didn’t necessarily want them to hear.  However, now that they are learning how to sound out words at school, they are picking up more and more of our “adult” conversations.  My daughter listens so intently to our private exchanges and tries so hard to piece it all together, that I sometimes fear her head will explode.  She has become very good at figuring out what we are talking about 99 percent of the time, too.  Damn those kindergarten word walls!     

     And now that they recognize numbers more readily, my son is constantly informing me of the speed limit when we’re driving.  He always wants to know how fast I’m going and is quick to point out that I am, in fact, speeding.  He has officially become my back seat driver.  

     So, thanks a lot, kindergarten, for TOTALLY ruining my game!  You have taken away the effect of most of my tricks and trades and made my children wiser than even me at times.  Guess I’m gonna have to dig deep and start figuring out some new mama magic….


6 Responses

  1. Berkeley is the reporter in our family. She always listens to our conversations, and she reports on what everyone else in the house is doing. After she “reports” on someone, I always end with, “and that’s Berkeley reporting live from the kitchen” LOL!

  2. my husband & I graduated to texting eachother to avoid kiddos that can spell. We also invented code words–for example, instead of saying “do you wanna get pizza for dinner tonight?”, I would say “How about some round Italian?”. Our kids never did figure that one out.

  3. I have been wondering how long I’d last until my 3 year old would be onto my game as well. Sounds like I ONLY have 2-3 more years. He has, however, already figured out what stop lights mean and caught me running a yellow-ish light last week. Oy!

    I love the texting idea!

    • Buckle your seatbelt cause they will call you out on every traffic violation under the sun!

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