Boy Crazy


     I’m wondering if I should be at all concerned that my six year old daughter already appears to be boy crazy.  It seems to really work to her advantage that she can easily hang with the best of the boys and has never really been into all the “girly” type things like Barbies and dolls.  She definitely has a good amount of girl friends, but the child has a rapid-growing fascination with the male population now, as well.

     It started back in the fall when she became completely head over heels for this super cute little boy who could melt your heart with his smile. He seemed to really dig her, as well, because he was always doing things to try to impress her.  During the presidential election, he even taught her a thing or two about gambling. Apparently, they decided to bet each other over the outcome, and when the little boy lost the bet, he made a xeroxed copy of a ten dollar bill to pay off his debt.  Nothing like a little illegal activity to win over my girl!  My daughter still has the counterfeit bill proudly displayed on the bulletin board in her room.

     Then, of course, there’s the little Romeo who wooed her with the rose on Valentine’s Day, the boy who’s declared her “the queen of the playground”, the boy at the park district who thinks it’s the greatest when she tackles him to the ground, the boy who spontaneously busts out his stand-up routine every time he’s in her presence, the boy who spent his entire t-ball game dancing in the outfield to try to get her attention, and the list goes on and on.  And, naturally, my daughter gives it all right back, batting those great big eyes of hers and laughing at all the appropriate times.  If you ask me, it’s all just a bit too much flirting going on.

     I’m not sure if I’m quite ready for her to cruise down the path to heartbreak and headaches just yet.  This is my baby girl we’re talking about! These boys might be cute as buttons now, but we all know that soon enough they will be thinking with things other than their brains. Are there nunneries for six year olds???


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  1. And it only gets worse! I have a 5 year old girl and 16 year old girl. I eventually just gave up on trying to sheild them. I found solace in just telling them flat out right from wrong and trusting them to make the right decisions. My oldest was convinced she was in love with another girl. I was kinda’ shocked at first but I figured my best bet was an honest heart to heart on relationships in general and seeing where it went from there. It seems the other girl just played along out of curiosity (as i’m sure was partially the case for my oldest as well) and ended up hurting her when she landed the boy she was most into at the time. You can’t be there 24\7.
    My youngest has already gotten all of Hannah Montana’s dance moves down pat and displays them proudly. She told me yesterday that she wants to marry “Iron Man” character Tony Stark because “he’s handsome”. What do ya’ do? I think you just roll with it….

    • Thanks for your reply, and I can now safely say that after reading it, I am terrified of the puberty stage! How on earth did you get through all that??!! Scares the living hell out of me! I’m still searching online for a bubble I can place my kids in to preserve their 6 year old innocence….

  2. Just tell her what I tell all 5 of our girls…boys never grow up and they always smell bad. And when a boy tells you that he loves you, and you are not engaged, married, or walking down the aisle at that moment, then he is probably lying to you.

  3. I am in a frenzy over fathers day coming up. My dad is soo cool let me tell you. No really I haven’t the slighest clue what to get him for fathers day. Most years I don’t really get my dad anything for fathers day. He didn’t provide anything for me, I mean I paid for my college myself, bought my first car myself, oops this isn’t my appointment with my shrink. I know im slap happy people just tell me what hobbies your fathers have for this coming holiday please please. Actually I just need your opinions on what to get dad for fathers day.

    • Thanks for checking out my blog & for your reply. Gosh, I wish I had some really good gift ideas for you. My dad is EXTREMELY difficult to buy gifts for. I usually just end up getting him a lame gift card to some store. For my husband, though, it’s a little easier (not much, but a little). Last year, I set up a golf outing for he & his best friend. This year, I haven’t figured it out yet. Let me think about it & see if I can think of some ideas for you. What does your dad like to do?

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