Scooter Shmooter


Since we only live a few blocks from the elementary school, we can very easily walk to school in the mornings.  However, my lolly-gagging children often prevent us from having enough time to do this.  And the few times that we have actually managed to allow for enough time, they’ve whined the whole way there about their legs being tired or being too cold.  I feel like such a lazy ass driving them such a short distance, but at some point, I decided that the environment was just going to have to withstand a bit more gas exhaustion in order to preserve my sanity. Yesterday, though, I thought I’d give it another shot with a slightly different mode of transportation — I thought it might be fun for them to try riding their new birthday scooters to school like all the other neighborhood kids. But, like most of my other bright-eyed plans, it ended up backfiring on me. Half way there, my son decided to go at balls out speed through an exceptionally lumpy pile of mud on the sidewalk and wiped out spread eagle on the cement.  I realized that the concrete body slide couldn’t have felt the greatest on his tummy, so I babied him a little, threw him a quick kiss, and tried to get the show on the road once more.  Mr. Stubborn was having NONE of it, though — he refused to move from his flattened pancake position and ignored every bit of my begging and pleading to remove himself from the ground. My daughter was already clear around the corner by the time I finally scooped him off the sidewalk.  I had to drag him by the sleeve, along with the damn scooter, the rest of the way to school, while all the other parents passing by just smiled and gave me a “been there, done that” nod of the head.  By the time I reached the school and dumped him off to his teacher, I made a mental note to cross scooter ride off the list of potential ways to get kids to school faster. Conclusion:  the Nucking Futs family will forever be late!


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  1. You’re looking at it all wrong. Don’t think of it as late………think of it as punctually challenged!

    • I like that — I guess I will be “punctually challenged” to my own funeral…. 🙂

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