Camp On


While I am running in an out of town half marathon this weekend, my husband is taking the kids to go camping.  Now, I’m sure many people would think that sounds like a crazy alternative for me, but I would much rather go run 13.1 miles than sleep in the woods with a bunch of bugs and varmints.  A camper, I am not.  I have had some bad past experiences with the whole camping ordeal that have tainted my appreciation for it.  I’m sure that my husband would much rather me skip the trip anyway because I’d just be a major buzz kill for everyone. I’d worry everyone to death about poison ivy, spiders, snakes, etc.  Yes, I would much rather listen to the sounds of nature from the comfort of my own bed with the windows open. My kids, on the other hand, are leaping out of their seats with excitement. They cannot wait because they LOVE camping — it’s all the things they don’t normally get to do.  They get to jump around in the mud, skip the bath, stay up late, eat crappy food, and pee in public — it’s a dream vacation for them.  They will come back on Sunday tired, filthy and full of stories that will make my skin crawl, I’m sure.  (On the last camping trip, my daughter was almost kicked in the head by my brother-in-law’s horse!) So, while I pound mile after mile of pavement, they can tromp over the river and through the woods to camp their little hearts out.  Let them eat s’mores and weiners till their bellies ache — as long as I don’t have to pitch their tent, I am a happy camper.


4 Responses

  1. Please tell me that picture is of you, LOL!

    I gave a tribute to you in at my online class orientation yesterday, citing the wittiness of your blog title, Nucking Futs Mom and my jealousy of your creativity. 🙂

    • No, fortunately, that is not me in the picture! Believe me, if ever I have to cop a squat in a wooded area, I will be sure to have the all-clear for bears of any kind! Thanks for the tribute! What a super nice compliment! 🙂

  2. While I on the other hand am looking forward to camping. I’ll still hit the pavement with ya – but I’d rather end the day around the campfire with a few brews newby!

    • I’d join you by that campfire as long as I could retreat to my “INDOOR” comfy bed afterwards…. 🙂

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