Daddy Fashion Faux Pas


I don’t know about you, but I cannot trust my husband to dress my kids for anything in this world, at least in anything that’s decent for public viewing.  God love him, but he can’t seem to put anything together that actually matches.  I often wonder if the man is colorblind.  His philosophy seems to be that as long as it’s somewhere in the realm of the same color scheme, well, then, it goes together. Magenta, pale pink, hot pink, fuchsia, rose — all the same to him.  He also doesn’t seem to realize that kids do, in fact, outgrow their clothes. I’ve often come home to find my son wearing pants that look like capris because they are from last season.  The poor child looks like he’s waiting for the flood to come in!  And even though I’ve explained this concept to my husband many many times, he seems to forget that the kids have certain clothes that are dedicated to messy things like painting or running around in the muddy backyard.  I always have to lay out certain clothes if they are going to a birthday party, and my husband is planning to drop them off.  I’ve learned the hard way that if I don’t, he’ll outfit them in some holey, paint-splattered, mud-stained ensemble.  Luckily, my daughter is finally getting to the age where she notices what goes together and is starting to call him out when he’s making a fashion faux pas.  Lord knows, he needs all the help he can get when it comes to kid styling.  So, if you happen to see my kids wearing ratty, old daisy dukes with cropped shirts, please don’t blame me.  My husband must have been in charge of wardrobe that day….


2 Responses

  1. I think that they’re born with that gene. With my hubby, it’s not so much that he’s color-blind, but he has no problem matching sweatpants with cable-knit sweaters. Or pyjama tops with jeans. The too-short arms and legs is now to be expected in this house.

    Drives me crazy.

    • “Willowjakmom” — my husband also doesn’t understand the different between clothes & pj’s. What’s with that??!!

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