The Hunt For Mary Poppins

Anyone who has kids knows the value of a good babysitter.  They are certainly not easy to come by and are very high in demand.  And, believe me, I’ve tried them all.  We do not have family living anywhere near us, so I have to rely on sitters to get any kind of escape. Through the years, we have had all kinds, from snooty, to clueless, to mute. I’ve had teenage sitters show up here wearing $300 boots to match their $400 parkas, and I’m thinking, “why is it that I’m paying YOU again?”  I’ve also had sitters who have called me in the middle of a doctor’s appointment to tell me that the kids were not getting along. You have got to be kidding me!  What exactly am I supposed to do about it when I’m spread eagle at a pap smear? After a long and painful search, I’ve finally found a decent rotation of fairly reliable people.  I have the cheaper chicken babysitters, who are much younger neighborhood girls very eager to have the chance to play with our kids.  Although these girls are way less expensive per hour than most, we know that we can’t stay out too late and that the house will most likely look like a bomb went off upon our return.  Then, I have the high school senior sitter, who is a tad more costly, but way more responsible. She is fabulous with the kids, doing art projects with them and inventing new games to play.  I often wonder if she’s trying to show me up!  The down side to her, though, is that like the other youngins, she, too, can’t be out very late on a school night, and, apparently, she selfishly wants to graduate and go to college, rather than continue to watch my kids.  The nerve of her!  And finally, I have the out of school sitters, who are much more costly but are able to stay until the wee hours of the morning if necessary.  One of these sitters shocked me right out of my shoes when I came home to find that she had actually unloaded the dishwasher out of the goodness of her own heart!  She scored some major brownie points that day. Yes, sitters are a sacred necessity to almost any and every mother I’ve ever encountered.  So, if you’re looking for someone to watch your kids this Saturday night, keep on looking…you’re not getting any of my numbers….



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