Too Much “To Do”

mhon7lHELP!  I think I have a situation here — I’m drowning in my own “to do” list! I can’t seem to get a grip these days.  I mark off one thing and add ten more. With multiple holidays and multiple birthdays piled on top of multiple school activities and multiple spring sports, I have forgotten which way is up and which way is down.  I am the epitome of that damn hamster on the wheel — and I despise those furry little rodents! By the time I collapse into bed at night, I ask myself where in the world did all the time go?  You would think that I’d been lying around poppin’ bon-bons and basking in the smut of daytime t.v. all day long, when in reality, my days could not be more the opposite. The only time I really sit down during the day is to drive someone here or there, and the only t.v. that I ever encounter in the daylight is the background noise of the “Today” show in the morning — because God forbid, the chaos of the morning routine allow me to listen to a freaking news story in its entirety.  No, I am definitely not slacking, so how in the world did my “to do” list take such control over me?  I keep thinking about how great it would be if I had a personal assistant who could do all the grunt work of motherhood for me.  Oh, but I guess, then, I wouldn’t have anything left to do but eat those bon-bons and watch “Maury Povich” all afternoon.  I need a life jacket because I have a feeling it’s gonna take me a long time to work my way out of the deep end….


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