Just My Luck

So, I guess I’m not the only one having a crappy start to the day. After dropping the kids off at school, I had to swing by Walgreen’s to pick up pictures from the birthday party this weekend.  As has been the case for the past three days, it is nasty, cold and rainy outside.  I pulled into the parking lot, calmly parked my car, and grabbed my umbrella.  As I was getting out of the car, this hateful woman across the parking lot started screaming at me that I had purposely sped up when I saw her walking and had splashed muddy water all over her pants.  I actually turned around to see what poor sap she was bitching at because it clearly couldn’t be me.  I didn’t purposely do anything — my mind is too fixated on all those damn things on my “to do” list. Turns out, though, that it WAS me that was the cause of her fury. This crazy lady was pissed beyond belief.  I think I may have even seen flames of fire shoot out her nostrils.  I apologized and told her I didn’t see her, but she wouldn’t let it go.  She said I wasn’t sorry and that I meant to get her dirty.  Yes, that’s right, #225 on my “to do” list today was to get someone dirty!  How did she know??!!  As she stormed off, I stood there bewildered that someone would actually choose to wear light khaki pants on a mess of a day like today.  And, last time I checked, puddles usually do accompany three straight days of rain.  Who the hell was she to bitch me out for her own stupidity? Unfortunately for me though, it turns out that she apparently works at this Walgreen’s, which is just great because she saw me go to the photo counter to pick up my pictures. Now the crackpot has my name, address and phone number for future reference.  Awesome.  Just my luck.



5 Responses

  1. I totally feel your pain. I was grocery shopping with my wild bunch of children and pissed off another shopper by apparently having too many items in my cart, getting in to the line before her and then writing a check for my food. First she smirked at me, looked me up and down, then my kids, and said, “Figures” as she stared up at a ‘Food Stamps Accepted’ sign on the lane I chose (it was the only lane open and I do not use Food Stamps). Then she kept commenting on my unruley children. As I paid for my food, she said, “Oh and now she is writing a check.” I just smiled at her. Finally she said, “Don’t you smile at me!” The poor checker just kept saying how sorry she was & that the lady does it to everyone. Apparently I was just super lucky to have picked that day to go shopping!

    • “Shelly” — maybe your grocery store lady was related to my Walgreen’s lady! Those people that give you the death stares when you’re with your kids have either forgotten what it’s like have kids (& they’ve especially forgotten how much fun it is to drag them to the store w/you!) or they don’t have kids. Wouldn’t you just love to tell your kids to wipe a booger on them or something? Serves them right! 🙂

  2. Being fortunate enough to have been raised by an extremely rude mother & being especially PMS-y today…I know exactly what I would have done in your shoes. I would have gone up to Ms. Khaki Pants (making sure to leave a large puddle between us) and kicked the puddle as hard as I could in her direction. Then I would’ve said, “Now, THAT one I did on purpose!!”…..but I live in an extremely nice state & have no opportunity to use my “mean skills”. Darn.

    • Why couldn’t I have taken you on my Walgreen’s excursion with me, damnit! Would’ve made for a much better story! Believe me, I would’ve loved to have drenched this woman with a lake of muddy water after being subjected to the wrath of her bitchiness. It’s freaking raining — prepare to be splashed, lady! Geez, people can be stupid!

  3. Just imagining doing it (and how funny it would’ve been to see the surprise/horror on her face) caused me to laugh out loud. There’s always next time! (and some people doubt the validity of PMS)

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