Party On


Prepare the wine and Tylenol because tomorrow is the big birthday party for my twins.  (And no, unlike some of their little friends, we did not invite the entire school.)  As we have done every year, we are having a joint party with both my daughter’s friends and my son’s friends, which, unfortunately for our wallets, has turned out to be a crapload of kids.  I even made them cut down the list because it was getting out of control.  My daughter wanted to invite everyone under the moon, but I had to put my foot down. (The booger eater and the kid with the lice farm on his head had to go.) Thank God this big shindig is not going to take place at my house. Instead, we are having it at one of those places that has all the inflatable jumping things (otherwise known as a cesspool of germs).  Little by little, the cost of this party seems to be growing in size.  As is the case with most kids’ parties, we followed suit and bought a bunch of little chotchky junk and candy to stuff inside the goody bags.  As we were stuffing, I couldn’t help but think that all this little goody bag crap would either end up on the floor of the parents’ cars or right in the trash — what a waste of money. (I’m speaking from experience here, ya know.)  And then, there’s the issue of the cake.  My kids have decided that this year, they do not like cake. Crazy, I know — what kid doesn’t like cake?! So, I thought it would be a good idea (and a cheaper one) to just order those big chocolate chip cookies from the mall that are smeared with all kinds of icing.  Turns out that cheaper it’s not!  We had to order two, which ended up being more expensive than just getting a big cake from the grocery store. Unbelievable! And then there’s the cost factor of the pizza.  I guarantee you that the inflatable jumping place purposely orders way more than enough pizza to feed an entire army.  I’m sure that we will have leftover pizza for weeks. Needless to say, this will be the last year for the big joint party.  I told my kids that next year, they can each pick a handful of friends and do something SMALL, like I did back in “the olden days.”  🙂


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  1. I’m a twin, married to a twin, and no, we did not have twins! I ALWAYS shared a bday with my twin. then again… we shared EVERYTHING. Don’t tell anyone, but I think we shared underware too… it’s one of those things you don’t even think about until you have moved out and realized it could have been different. Hope your twins have a memorable bday! And remember… they grow up soooo fast!

  2. one more thing, my twin is also a girl, so the sharing underware thing could have been a LOT worse…

    • “Kim” — too funny! (My poor son had to wear pink princess pj’s one time when he peed out in the middle of the night & he didn’t have any other clean “boy” jammies!) Yes, they do tend to share a lot — actually, it’s been a good way to force them to understand how to share w/others too.

  3. Lice Farm – HA!

  4. ice cream cake is the way to go! neither of my kids like cake, and to be honest i am not sure i do either. good luck! should i bring a prozac for you?

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